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History of the Restoration Movement

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Phillip Slater Fall

Phillip Slater Fall was a most unique and interesting preacher-educator during the early restoration movement in America. He was born at Brighton, Sussex County, in southern England on the coast of the English Channel on September 8, 1798. His father was James Fall and his mother was Catherine Barrett of middle class families. James Fall was a retired English army officer and came to America with only modest means.

Phillip was the oldest of eleven children all of whom were born in

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Looking For is a growing work. Many contributors to New Testament Christianity through the years are all but forgotten. Can you help us find:

James A. Butler - 1800s

James Matthew Hackworth (1801-1861)

Lorenzo Dow Randolph (1816-1901)

C.F.R. Shehane (1806-1860)

Rees Jones (1800s)

Montgomery C. Tiers (1820-1905)

Henry Eli Speck (1885-1966)

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