History of the Restoration Movement

Airthrey Castle

The Ancestral Home Of Robert Haldane & James A. Haldane

Stirling, Scotland

Airthrey Castle is owned and operated upon the grounds of Stirling University, Stirling, Scotland. Stirling is one of the oldest and deeply historical cities. Sterling Castle is located there. Sterling was the home of William Wallace (1272-1305). His forces fought against the English in the Battle of Stirling Bridge there in 1297. The castle was the childhood and ancestral home of Robert Haldane, and James Alexander Haldane.

GPS Location
56°08'54.5"N 3°54'49.1"W
or D.d. 56.148467,-3.913645

Airthrey Castle In The Distance, From The Top Of The William Wallace Monument

The Mark Of Family Wealth Was Often Shown In The Amount Of Hand-Carved Wood In A Castle

Photos Taken in November, 2006
Courtesy of Scott Harp

Special thanks to Graham McDonald, Scotland citizen and missionary. He and his family were hosts to the Harps in November, 2006. Graham very kindly drove us around the country to various locations of the Reformation & Restoration Movement.

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