History of the Restoration Movement

Great Women Of The Restoration Movement

The contributions of women to the carrying out of the Great Commission is sometimes sadly overlooked. What would the history of the RM look like without its women? The influence and efforts of women to bring about changes in the lives of individuals through the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus has been greatly felt and should be acknowledged, recorded and remembered. Kind and benevolent acts have been done through their work that have forever changed the course of this nation because of women. There have been loving and devoted wives, such as Elizabeth Rogers, who have borne the business of raising children and running the day to day activities of home life while their preaching husbands spent months away preaching and planting churches. There have been women, such as Charlotte Fall Fanning, who have actively pursued the education of young women to help train them for successful life. Women such as Emma Page Larimore, who was not only known for her encouragement to T.B. Larimore in his senior years as his second wife, but excelled in writing for publications, and was an author of children's literature as well as biographical information. There were wealthy benefactors, such as Emily H. Tubman, who through their blessed fortunes blessed churches, evangelists, schools, and missionaries through financial assistance.

There were women who were missionaries, pioneers and educators such as Mrs. Mattie F. Carr, who in Sherman, Texas, financed, built, taught and served as president of Carr-Burdette College after serving as a missionary in Australia with her husband O.A. Carr.

Where possible the pictures of graves of wives of restoration leaders, as well as their influence has been added to this website on the page dedicated to their husbands. Though some are listed on this page, not all the women on this site will be listed here. Documentation of the acts and lives of women in the RM is scarce, but efforts are being made to record and give tribute to their efforts. This page is dedicated to these women in hopes that greater awareness of their commitments will be remembered.

Sarah Andrews - Missionary To Japan
Mrs. Mattie F. Carr - Educator
Charlotte Fall Fanning - Educator
Emma Page Larimore - Writer
Elizabeth Rogers - Homemaker
Winifred Mason Moore Showalter - Founder Of Christian Woman Magazine
Emily H. Tubman - Entrepreneur, Benefactor


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