History of the Restoration Movement

Movements Independent of Stone and Campbell

Barton Stone & Alexander Campbell did more through their journals in the early 1800's to draw the masses together than any other men of the restoration movement. Though independent of one another until 1832, when they joined forces, they stood as great examples of men who fought to restore New Testament Christianity.

However, this country was very young in the early 1800's. Many had come to this land with the desire to enjoy religious freedom. Sometimes restoration was stumbled upon when small communities of people from various denominational backgrounds, having the desire to worship together, agreed to give up their denominational creeds to take only the Bible as their guide for worship, church organization, and daily Christian living. Others were men and women who, through their own study of God's Word, saw that their denominational teachings conflicted with Bible teachings. This caused them to give up their creeds and denominational connections to take just the Bible, seeking to simply be Christians like those in the New Testament.

What is particularly exciting about these people, is that many of them worked their way out of denominational darkness to take the Bible alone without any knowledge of Barton Warren Stone or Alexander Campbell. This page is dedicated to those independent movements that began all around the new country.

John Taylor, Of North West Alabama

Christian Herman Dasher, Of South Georgia

James O'Kelley, Of North Carolina

Wade Barrett, Of Central Tennessee

Old Philadelphia, Of Central Tennessee

John Mulkey, Tompkinsville, Kentucky

Rock Springs, Kentucky, 1805

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