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Robert Lee Huffman


R.L. Huffman

Brother Robert Lee Huffman was born in Montgomery County, Alabama, April 5, 1888. He was baptized in 1905 and began preaching at Ft. Deposit, Alabama, in 1909. He served as local preacher at several places throughout Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. He also did much preaching in meetings throughout these states, and debated with Adventists, Holiness, Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Mormons. He also did a lot of radio preaching. Preached 56 years.

-J. Porter Wilhite, The Trail Blazers, page 96

South Alabama Work Reported
R. L. HUFFMAN Georgiana, Ala.

In April, 1942, I began work as an evangelist in south Alabama, and have devoted my efforts mainly in Conecuh, Butler, and Crenshaw Counties. In Conecuh we now have another church house and lot paid for, although the building is not finished on the inside. To this church we have given the name New Haven. It is about eighteen miles north of Evergreen, Ala. There have been members in this community for several years, and at times they have met from house to house. Almost all the young people have been scattered since the war came on, but older ones are still carrying on.

In April, 1942. I began a meeting here in Georgiana, where there were several members without a meeting place. After the series of meetings, regular worship was begun in the funeral chapel. That summer we purchased a dwelling in a well-located section of the town. It was soon paid for and turned into a church building. The work has been strengthened slowly, but firmly. Last Friday, M.. Cecil Perryman, of the Highland Avenue congregation, in Montgomery, closed a good meeting here, having preached nearly three weeks. He did his work well, and three were baptized and one was restored. In September of 1942 I began an open-air meeting about four miles south of Brantley, Ala., in Crenshaw County. This meeting was well attended, with good interest. The next year I was solicited to return there for another meeting. At the second meeting seven were baptized, and funds began to be raised to build a church house. The house was built in April last year, and is now completed and paid for. Seven more were added by baptism there last year. There were only three members in this community when I held the first meeting. This community, as a whole, has a good attitude toward the cause. At Bowles, another community in Conecuh, north of Evergreen, Ala., I held another open-air meeting in 1942, and thirteen were baptized. G. C. Reynolds, of Evergreen, had already baptized six before I began there. These brethren have not yet built a house in which to worship. Like other places, the war has scattered some of them, but they are still hopeful of building later. I have held meetings for older churches, preached in other communities, in the open, in schoolhouses, in homes, and scattered literature. Some have been baptized and others restored at different places. We now have three new church houses in all. And a small number meeting in a home at another place, and funds are being raised for a church house at yet another place.

In all this work the Highland Avenue congregation, of Montgomery. Ala., has given financial backing and encouraging support to my efforts, for which I shall always be gratefully appreciative. I report my efforts and the results regularly each month to this congregation."

-GOSPEL ADVOCATE 6/7/1945, As reported in Alabama Restoration Journal, Section: Looking Back,Volume 4, Issue 4, December 31, 2010, page 13

Directions To The Grave of Robert L. Huffman

Rocky Mount Cemetery lies just north of Highland Home, Alabama. On Hwy. 331, it lies just 27 miles south of Montgomery. From I-65 in Montgomery, head south of I-85 to the first exit on Hwy. 82, and turn left. Within a mile you will need to turn right on Hwy. 331. Go 27 miles south and in a hard curve you will see the Rocky Mount Cemetery on your right. The Huffman Plot lies at the rear of the cemetery. It is best to turn right off of Hwy. 331 onto Rocky Mt. Road. Go to the last drive into the cemetery and turn in. The Huffman plot will be just ahead on your right.

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