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Ishmel Woodson Reeves

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Ishmel W. Reeves was a little known preacher in the Restoration Movement. He lived a good part of his life in Northeast Alabama near the present day town of Collinsville. In the 19th century his home community of Lebanon was more prominently known as the County Seat of Dekalb County. He worked in this area as a farmer and preached the Old Time Gospel. He served in the 19th Georgia Infantry of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War as an infantry Sergeant.

His life was filled with preaching and teaching of the gospel in and around his home. His influence was felt in the hill country of both Northeast Alabama and Northwest Georgia. Little is known about who taught him the gospel, or how wide his influence was felt. However many of his descendants are still faithful members of the church of Christ in Dekalb County. Reeves' great granddaughter, Vera Miller presented the information for this site. Her son's family make up a good part of the congregation that meets at the Collinsville Church of Christ. The very brittle picture shown above is some of the only effects left of her preaching ancestor.

I.W. Reeves is buried in the Mt. Moriah Cemetery in the northern part of Dekalb County, Alabama. The best directions are as follows. Dekalb County lies midway between Chattanooga, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama. On I-59 take the Collinsville, Alabama, Hwy. 68, Exit #205 and go west. Less than a block on Hwy. 68 turn right on Co. Rd. 51. Go 9.7 miles and turn left on Co. Rd. 52. (Note: Be sure to see the old Lebanon Court House that still stands here). Heading west on Co. Rd. 52 head up Sand Mountain 3.5 miles and turn right on Co. Rd. 62. Go 1.2 miles and Co. Rd 62 will "T" into Co. Rd 446. Turn right on Co. Rd. 446. Go 1.8 miles until you come to a stop sign. Turn left here on Co. Rd. 445 and go about 1/2 mile. You should see the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church and cemetery on the right. Enter the main entrance of the cemetery and head over to the bell. I.W. Reeves is buried just to the right of the bell.

GPS Coordinates
34.420345, -85.849366
Grave Facing East

4 SGT.
19 GA INF.

Map To Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Dekalb County, Alabama

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