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George W. Smallwood


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Gospel Advocate Obituary for G.W. Smallwood

On Saturday, February 23, 1907, I was called upon to conduct the burial services of Brother G.W. Smallwood. It was this beloved brother who turned my attention to the ministry. At a time when I was almost turned from the “way of life” to infidelity, Brother Smallwood and Brother J. C. Ott showed me the danger of my course, pointing me to the Bible; and I, in my humble way, have been trying to “preach the word” to others. Brother Smallwood left for me the first appointment I tried to fill at a “brush arbor” near where I now live. He continued to publish appointments for me to fill, until I found that there was a work that I must do. So, as a result of brother Smallwood’s interest in me, about three hundred souls have been brought to Christ. Brother Smallwood might be termed a “pioneer preacher.” He had been a member of the “one body” for a long time, and preached a good deal before age and bodily ailments hindered him, and in his latter days he preached often as opportunity and health permitted. He died on February 22, 1907, and his remains were buried on the next day in the Jones graveyard, five miles from Florence, Ala. Like many preachers who are loyal to the Book, he was poor in this world’s goods, but he was rich in faith. His aged wife is now sick and was unable to accompany her husband’s body to its last resting place. May God bless her and his children in this the saddest time of their lives. May they all strive to live in this world in keeping with the example set by their father.

-William Behel., Florence, Ala., Gospel Advocate, May 9, 1907, page 303.

Directions To The Grave of G.W. Smallwood

G.W. Smallwood is buried in the Jones Hill Cemetery in East Florence, Alabama. On Hwy. 72 east of Florence go north on Benita Dr. The Jones Hill Cemetery will be on your right. Head into the cemetery, and proceed toward the rear. Just behind a section that has a block outline will be the little plot where the Smallwoods are buried.

GPS Location of Grave
34°50'44.7"N 87°35'23.2"W
or D.d. 34.845737, -87.589788

Jones Hill Cemetery

G.W. Smallwood
March 4, 1832
February 22, 1907

Special Thanks

In May, 2010, C. Wayne Kilpatrick, Tom L. Childers, and Scott Harp, did a trip through Limestone County, Alabama to located graves of gospel preachers of yesteryear. We visited the grave on this site thanks to Wayne's research. Special thanks to these fellows for the photos as well as Wayne's provision of information.

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