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Humphrey Ruel Signor


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Gospel Preacher In Southern Kansas

Directions To The Grave of Humphrey R. Signor

H.R. Signor is buried in Milan, Kansas in the Milan Cemetery. In southern Kansas, take I-35 to Exit 19/Hwy.160 in Wellington, KS, and head west through the city of Wellington. From the exit go 20.4 miles and the cemetery will be on your right. Enter the main entrance at the western end and make your way toward some trees in the middle. Stop the car and begin looking toward the road, (in the general direction of the cemetery sign). Look on the grown about half way for an odd shaped marker in the shape of a small log, or large canister, only very smooth. Look on it for the name SIGNOR. You have found H.R. Signor's plot.

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Minnie E. Signor

Humphrey R. Signor


Photos Taken February 27, 2012
Courtesy of Scott Harp

Web editor note: In February, 2012, it was my privilege to visit the grave of H.R. Signor. I was invited to take part in the annual Affirming The Faith Lectureship in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Getting into the area early, I was afforded the opportunity to put about 2000 miles on a rental car in order to locate graves of gospel preachers and church leaders of yesteryear in a wide area. My eighth day I was able to visit the grave of H.R. Signor.

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