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Barney Wilson Shockley


Gospel Preacher In Northwest Kentucky

Barney W. Shockley was a gospel preacher in the northwestern region of Kentucky. He lived in the small Ohio River village of Carrsville, and proclaimed the ancient gospel to those in the area. His wife Virginia and himself were key links to the message of salvation to many of those who came to know them. Their dedication should not be forgotten.

My first knowledge of brother and sister Shockley came about in October, 2013 while my wife and I were visiting with the church in Marion, Kentucky where my son was preaching at the time. I was visiting with one of the members, Virginia Quertermous, when she revealed to me that her father, Barney Shockly was a gospel preacher in that region years ago. To this I suggested that a website to honor him would be a great blessing to all those still living who remember his kindesses in their lives. She told me he was buried in the Carrsville Cemetery, and I made arrangements to go and find the grave. It is a great pleasure to be able to add this webpage to remember this hero of faith to many in the area surrounding his home.

Special thanks to James Shockly of Portland, Tennessee for providing the photo of his parents for this site. -12.2013

Location Of The Grave of Barney Shockley

The community of Carrsville, Livingston County, Kentucky lies in northwest Kentucky on the banks of the Ohio River. The cemetery lies to the east of town, and the Shockley family plot lies in the most eastern part of the cemetery toward the middle. See GPS position below for specific location of the Shockley famiy plot.

GPS Location

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The Carrsville Cemetery and adjacent village sits on the waters of the Ohio River. See river in the distance.

Barney W. - May 10, 1921 - November 8, 1987
Virginia M. - August 24, 1917 - January 14, 1998

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Courtesy of Scott Harp

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