History of the Restoration Movement

Grave Locations Of Restoration Movement Leaders In Louisiana

Below Is An Incomplete List Of Leaders In The Restoration Movement Now Deceased Whose Remains Have Been Located And Kept On Record For Future Restoration Study. Photos And The Locations Are Sketchy. As Further Investigation Comes To Light, Updates Of Photos And Directions To Locations Will Be Made.  Some Of The Names Listed Below Represent A "Wish-List" Of Graves I Hope To Visit Someday. If You Would Care To Assist In Producing Pages For Any Listed Below, Contact Me And Ask How You Can Help! For A Complete Listing Of Pages That Have Been Produced See The Master Index

Sorted By Name


Addison, J.A. (d. 12.29.1942) Amite City, Tangipahoa Parish, Amite Cemetery, GPS: 30.728001, -90.498857, (obit. WW, 1942-02-p.56)


Boyd, John Dudley, Jr. "J.D." (d.1973) Ruston, Forest Lawn Cemetery
Brandon, John Milton (08.03.1873-01-17.1932) Shreveport, Caddo Parrish, Greenwood Cemetery 32.503710, -93.730378, (Find-A-Grave) (Obit. FF, 1932, Jan. 26, p.5)
Brantley, William Benjamin (1892-1966) Farmerville, Taylor Cemetery
Brown, Frank Cecil, Sr. (1905-1983) Shreveport, Carver Memorial Cemetery, GPS: 32.405632, -93.771920


Colvin, James Rodney (1941-1977) Ruston, Forest Lawn Cemetery


Elston, Benjamin J (11.04.1867-09.27.1964) Singer, Beauregard Parrish, Newlin Cemetery, GPS: 30.679452, -93.400847, (Find-A-Grave)


Fuller, Hugh Lee (1908-1986) Shreveport, Forest Park Cemetery


Howard, Alton Hardy (03.29.1925-10.29.2006) West Monroe, Rocky Branch Cemetery
Howard, Verna Elisha (9/29/1911-10/1/2000) West Monroe, Rocky Branch Cemetery, Wife: Ruth Moryne Jackson Howard ((9/10/1909-1/31/2000)


Johnson, Benoit (1840-????) South of Alexandria, Turkey Creek, Evangeline Parrish, McCormick Cemetery, ancestor of Lisa Johnson


Lambert, Augustus "Gussie" Alton (11.22.1914-4.10.1995) Shreveport, Caddo Parrish, Forest Park Cemetery, GPS: 32.474638, -93.758380, (Find-A-Grave)


Ramsey, Richard Dean (March 23, 1920 - July 8, 1997) Tangipahoa Parish, Hammond, Greenlawn Cemetery


Scarborough, Lawrence (b. October 22, 1767 - d. October 1, 1846) Union Parish (died on his farm on the Corney Bayou)
Sudbury, Herbert Joe (05.20.1928-11.30.2016) Many, Sabine Parish, Toledo Bend Christian Cemetery, GPS: 31.48876,-93.65431, (Find-A-Grave)


Watson, David Lipscomb (1868-1939) New Orleans, Orleans Parrish, Metairie Cemetery, GPS: 29.986350, -90.116242, (Find-A-Grave)



Sorted By City & County

Amite City, Tangipahoa Parish
J.A. Addison (d. 12.29.1942) Amite Cemetery, GPS: 30.728001 -90.498857, (obit. WW, 1942-02-p.56)


William Benjamin Brantley (1892-1966) Taylor Cemetery


Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish
Richard Dean Ramsey (March 23, 1920 - July 8, 1997) Hammond, Greenlawn Cemetery


Many, Sabine Parish
Toledo Bend Christian Cemetery GPS: 31.48876,-93.65431,
Herbert Joe Sudbury (05.20.1928-11.30.2016) (Find-A-Grave)


New Orleans, Orleans Parrish
David Lipscomb Watson (1868-1939) Metairie Cemetery, GPS: 29.986350, -90.116242, (Find-A-Grave)


Ruston, Lincoln Parrish
Forest Lawn Cemetery
John Dudley "J.D." Boyd, Jr. (d.1973)
James Rodney Colvin (1941-1977)


Singer, Beauregard Parrish
Benjamin J. Elston (11.04.1867-09.27.1964) Newlin Cemetery, GPS: 30.679452, -93.400847, (Find-A-Grave)


Shreveport, Caddo Parrish
Frank Cecil Brown Sr. (1905-1983) Carver Memorial Cemetery, GPS: 32.405632, -93.771920

Forest Park Cemetery

Hugh Lee Fuller (1908-1986)
Augustus "Gussie" Alton Lambert (11.22.1914-4.10.1995) GPS: 32.474638, -93.758380, (Find-A-Grave)

John Milton Brandon (08.03.1873-01-17.1932) Greenwood Cemetery, GPS: 32.503710, -93.730378, (Find-A-Grave) (Obit. FF, 1932, Jan. 26, p.5)


Turkey Creek, Evangeline Parrish
Benoit Johnson (1840-????) South of Alexandria, McCormick Cemetery, ancestor of Lisa Johnson


Union Parish
Lawrence Scarborough (b. Oct. 22, 1767 Edgecomb Cty, N.C. - d. October 1, 1846)


West Monroe
Alton Hardy Howard (1925-2006) West Monroe, Rocky Branch Cemetery
Verna Elisha Howard (9/29/1911-10/1/2000) Rocky Branch Cemetery, Wife: Ruth Moryne Jackson Howard ((9/10/1909-1/31/2000) - Hwy 143 North Of West Monroe. Cemetery Across From Rocky Branch Church.


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