History of the Restoration Movement

  Jerry T. Bramlett
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  Gospel Preacher In Mississippi
  Directions To The Grave Of J.T. Bramlett
  Jerry Bramlett is buried in Verona, Mississippi's Lee Memorial Park. Heading south of Tupelo, Mississippi on Hwy. 45, go about six miles and you will come to the Verona Exit. Turn right and go through town. When you cross the railroad tracks you will come to Hwy. 145. Turn left and head south a couple miles until you come to the cemetery on your right. When you enter at the gate, make the first turn to the right and stop. In the lot to your left (west) go to almost the SE corner, right near where you have stopped, and you will see the marker.
  GPS Location
  34° 10.564 x 088° 43.215
Accuracy to 14'
Grave Faces East
Lee Memorial Park

Jerry T Bramlett
SP3 US Army
Sep 21 1934
Apr 17 1974
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