History of the Restoration Movement

Scenes Around Palmyra, Missouri

In June, 2009, Scott Harp, Wayne Kilpatrick, and Tom L. Childers gathered for a week to research locations of the Restoration Movement. In the end over 3000 miles travelled through six states was the result with the locations of the graves of over 75 gospel preachers and church leaders of yesteryear among churches of Chriat. Included in the tour was some of the historical locations of the past including the city of Palmyra, Missouri. This is the location of part of the life and work of Jacob Creath, Jr. He preached here for the Palmyra Christian Church for many years. He is buried in the Palmyra Cemetery north of town. Also buried in Palmyra is the founder of the Pony Express, W.H. Russell, who, incidentally, was also a member of the church of Christ. If you ever in the area of Hannibal, Missouri, be sure not to miss the twelve mile trip to Palmyra.

Scenic Drawing Of Palmyra History - Click On Drawing to see up close (1.6meg).

Civil War Headquarters Of Provost Marshall
Colonel William Shachen
During Palmyra Massacre

Marion County Jail - Built In 1858
Just across from Marion County Courthouse
Location of the Palmyra Massacre

Christian Church In Palmyra, Missouri where Jacob Creath, Jr. preached

Marion County Courthouse

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