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John Lafayette Bryant


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Obituary of John L. Bryant

John Lafayette Bryant was born in Rutherford county, Tenn., Nov. 9, 1852. He was married to Miss Susan S. Shelton Sept. 14, 1873, who, with their two and only living children--an unmarried daughter just entering the period of young womanhood, and a son lacking but a few days of three years old--survives him. He was baptized by the lamented Jesse Sewell in September, 1878, and in a short time thereafter gave tokens of the preacher he subsequently became by making short talks and offering occasional prayers in public. In January, 1882, he moved to Burritt College, then under the presidency of Dr. T. W. Brents, the better to prepare himself to preach the word. From the time he left Burritt College he preached regularly and constantly till his health failed about two years before he died. The doctors pronounced the malady which resulted in his death cancer of the bowels. He suffered constantly and often intensely during the two years of helpless prostration while the malignant ulcer slowly ate his life away. He died about 8 o'clock Sunday evening, July 22, 1894. His funeral was preached in his home church, Donelson, Tenn., at 3 o'clock Monday evening, and his body, followed by a large number of his neighbors and brethren and sisters in Christ, was interred in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tenn., about 6 o'clock Monday evening, July 23, 1894.

-Gospel Advocate, August 23, 1894, page 522.

Directions To The Grave of John L. Bryant

J.L. Bryant was buried in the old cemetery at Mount Olivet. The cemetery is located at 1101 Lebanon Pike, Southeast of downtown Nashville. Click over to Mt. Olivet for map and location of the grave in the cemetery. His remains rest in Section 17. See pinpointed location on Mount Olivet map here. The exact GPS location of the grave is: 36°09'01.8"N 86°44'12.1"W / or D.d. 36.150496, -86.736692

The 42 year old man was buried in the Dr. Wm. Boyd Family Plot

According to the plot grid, Bryant's stone would be the sixth stone, but he had no marker

John Lafayette Bryant is buried in an unmarked grave in the Boyd Family Plot
In the location highlighted above

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