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Robert Walker Jernigan


Gospel Preacher In South Central Tennessee At The Turn Of The 20th Century

Gospel Advocate Obituary

On the evening of August 3, the nurse at the Veterans Hospital, Johnson City, Tenn., where I am a patient, handed me a telegram announcing the death of my father, R. W. Jernigan, of Bridgeport, Ala. Father passed to await his reward at 4:30 P.M. on that date. He had preached the gospel for forty-five years. He was born at Bradyville, Tenn., September 3, 1866. He received his education at the old Winchester, Tenn., Normal-College, from which he graduated in 1889. Shortly after finishing school he entered the evangelistic field in West Texas and Oklahoma. Father taught school in those states in those early days, preaching on Lord’s days, and holding meetings as his school work would allow. In 1892 he met and was united in marriage to Miss Ella Nora Pettigrew. To this union were born seven children, four boys, and three girls. Father is survived by mother and all the children. In 1896 father and mother moved to Tennessee, near Bradyville, where he preached the gospel and taught school until 1909. We then moved to Orme, Tenn., where he was employed as principal of the city schools until 1913, at which time he decided to devote all his time to the preaching of the gospel This he did until the day of his death, making Bridgeport, Ala., his home. Many church building stand in Southern Tennessee and Northern Alabama, Texas, and Oklahoma as a monument to the sincere efforts he manifested in the cause of our Master. In the past twenty years father conducted many mission meetings without compensation. It was my pleasure to have him with me during the month of June in evangelistic work at Sherwood and Anderson, Tenn. The funeral services were conducted at Bridgeport, Ala. Dr. J. L. Meadows, minister for the South Pittsburg (Tenn.) Church, and principal of the Jasper High School, had charge of this service, assisted by Brother Gardner, of David Lipscomb College, and the writer.

-Willis G. Jernigan. Gospel Advocate, September 20, 1934, page 919.

Gospel Advocate Reports Made By R.W. Jernigan

Gospel Advocate, February 12, 1920, page 153

Gospel Advocate, September 2, 1920, page 857

Gospel Advocate, August 5, 1920, page 765

Firm Foundation, Tuesday, March 14, 1939, page 3

Photos Contributed By Gayla Griffith
Descendant Of Robert W. Jernigan

Robert W. Jernigan

Ella Nora, the wife of R.W. Jernigan

Ella Nora Jernigan
She died in 1971

Directions To The Grave of Robert W. Jernigan

Robert and Eleanor Jernigan are buried in the Cumberland Valley at the foot of Signal Mountain. The quickest access to the cemetery is from I-24. Take Exit 155 and head north on Hwy. 28 toward Dunlap. Before getting to Dunlap take Hwy. 283/Alvin C. York Hwy. to the right, and go about a mile. Then turn left, staying on Hwy 283, and the road will become E. Valley Road. The road is a bit bendy, so be careful. Go a few mile and you will see the old church and cemetery on your left. Go to the center entrance of the cemetery were the flagpole is, and head up to the flagpole and park. Just to your left look for a little section of flat markers near the drive. The Jernigan plot is located in that little section.

GPS Location

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Chapel Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery

Jernigan plot across drive in section of flat markers

Jernigan plot over near flag pole. Cemetery located at the foot of Signal Mountain

Jernigan plot up the hill on the left before flagpole

The Monteagle Range in the distance


Eleanor P.
Ella Nora Pettigrew Jernigan

Robert W.

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