History of the Restoration Movement

William W. Nance


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Part-time Preacher And Early Church Leader At Alamo, Tennessee

W.W. Nance was a subscriber to Alexander Campbell's Millennial Harbinger. He sent the entry above reporting the work he was involved with in Cageville, (now Alamo,) Gibson County, Tennessee in 1854.

Directions To Grave

W.W. Nance is buried in the city cemetery in Alamo, Tennessee. From the city square go south one block and turn right at the Funeral Home. Turn left into the cemetery. Travel until there is a place to turn around and look to your left. You should see the grave of W.W. Nance. While there be sure to visit the Robert B. Trimble grave near the entrance. Trimble was a great gospel preacher who was married to the daughter of W.W. Nance. Trimble's grave is back toward the entrance of the cemetery on the same side as that of Nance.

GPS Coordinates
Acc. 21ft
Grave Faces West
N35º 46' 974" x W O89º 07' 183"

W.W. Nance
June 4, 1812
Aug. 19, 1882

The Bible was his guide
he died as he had lived
a devoted Christian in full
assurance of a living faith
in God.

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