History of the Restoration Movement

Herbert Martin Phillips

(1887 - 1960)

Biographical Sketch On The Life Of H.M. Phillips

H.M. Phillips was born March 9, 1887 in Cainsville, Tennessee. He was baptized at the age of seventeen by L.A. Johnson in 1904. He was married to the Nell C. Crow May 19,1909. They adopted two children, Margaret Anne and Joseph Larimore. Phillips attended National Teachers Normal Business College (Later known as Freed-Hardeman University) in Henderson, Tennessee sitting at the feet of men such as A.G. Freed. Later he attended Nashville Bible School (Later known as Lipscomb University) under the tutelage of David Lipscomb, James A. Harding, and Dr. James S. Ward. He also attended Vanderbilt University and Chattanooga University, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

He began preaching in November 1907 in Nashville, Tennessee. He preached in churches in over 16 states, District Of Columbia and Canada in his lifetime. He preached for eight different churches in the Nashville area, and seven churches outside that area. He preached for the church in Miami, Florida from 1917-1919. Then he worked in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Later he went to St. Elmo Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee from 1921-1923. In the 1940s he worked with the Lischey Avenue Church in Nashville, Tennessee, 1947-1951. Other churches in the Nashville area he served included, Lawrence Ave., Twelfth Ave., Grandview Heights, Waverly Bellmont, Park Ave., Shelby Ave., Wingate, Joywood, Rosebank, and Crieve Hall. In his preaching career every congregation he preached for had not previously had a full-time worker except one. He established eight congregations in the Nashville area, and two outside the Nashville area.

He wrote articles for numerous papers, Gospel Advocate, Apostolic Times, Christian Leader, Truth In Love, Word Of Truth, Gospel Broadcast, Firm Foundation and others. He wrote the book, Way Of Righteousness, Hermitage Printing Co., 1943. He was involved in twelve debates over the course of his lifetime, all with Baptists. Just to mention a couple, The Phillips-Spencer Debate on "Baptism, Operation Of The Holy Spirit, & Apostasy," in 1915. Then in 1937 he was involved in the Phillips-Gregory Debate on, "The Establishment of The Church, Baptism, & Apostasy."

Phillips used the radio extensively in his evangelistic outreach. He spoke on WMAK, WKDA, & WNAH in Nashville, Tennessee. He also spoke on radio programs in Columbia, Tennessee and in Steubenville West Virginia. He did much mission work in his lifetime, involving many tent meetings. He also taught school for four years, one of which was at Western Bible and Literary College, Odessa, Missouri.

He was still involved in full-time church work at New Smyrna Beach, Florida when he passed from this life, July 1, 1960 at the age of 73 years, 3 months, 22 days.

- Most Of The Information For This Bio Sketch Came From Preachers Of Today, ed. Baxter and Young, GA, Nashville, Tennessee, Volume 1, page 288; Volume 2 Page 342

Signature of H.M. Phillips
Courtesy of Terry J. Gardner, 04.2010

Location Of The Grave Of H.M. Phillips

Directions: Woodlawn Cemetery is located behind the 100 Oaks Shopping Center that faces I-65 just before the I-440 Interchange. From 100 Oaks travel east on Thompson Lane and turn right at the first entrance to Woodlawn's South Side Park (across from main part of cemetery). Pass the first section (Bluegrass) and continue to the next section on the right (Hillcrest). Park in front of the Hillcrest sign and travel due west from the sign toward trees that separate the cemetery from 100 Oaks. The Phillips are in Lot 296, maybe 13 to 15 rows back from the Hillcrest sign, perhaps slightly to the left. While there be sure to visit the grave of Hall Laurie Calhoun, just seven rows back to the north, and turn right (back to the east).

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November 21, 1893
December 10, 1983

Herbert M.
March 9, 1887
July 1, 1960

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