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Cornelius C. Abbott


Getting Acquainted With Our Preaching Brethren

Brother C. C. Abbott was born December 13, 1911, at Latham, Ohio, and began preaching at the age of sixteen· years. He preached regularly during his high school work. Ordinarily we do not think too highly of the business of boys preaching the gospel, yet when one thinks enough of the work to carry on during his entire course in high school, despite the fact that ordinary high school student body is not much impressed with such effort, it seems to us a very commendable thing . . During those early days Brother Abbott was referred to as "the boy evangelist."

After he finished high school he did evangelistic work for three years, and in 1931 entered David Lipscomb College, Nashville, Tennessee. He has done regular work at Portsmouth, Ohio, and Middlebourne, West Virginia. Brother Abbott has held meetings in Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. He has meetings arranged this year in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and New Mexico. He has baptized several hundred people into Christ, is married, and has two children, a boy and a girl.

Brother Abbott lives at Middlebourne, West Virginia, and when not in meetings labors with that church. Recently they have remodeled their building and added four new Bible study rooms. The work is growing.

Source: Firm Foundation, Tuesday, September 20, 1928, page 3.

Note: This is a timed piece. Some of those enlisted as living may be now deceased.

"What Is A Christian"
(Acts 11:26)
by C.C. Abbott

"And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass that a whole year they assembled themselves with
the Church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch."

Any one who reads the Bible can plainiy see that God wants his people to wear a name, the idea that just any name will do is contrary
to God's word and purpose (Acts 4:12). We see that the early followers of Christ were known as disciples, but after the church was established, and men were added to the church (Acts 2:47), God wanted them to be known as Christians. To be a Christian is
to belong to Christ (Gal. 3:26,27), not a sect or party, but to Christ. We take the word Christ, and add the suffix ian, which means one belonging to Christ, as in the word America, add n, means one belonging to America. I am going to use each letter in order to explain what a Christian is.

C is for cleanliness (John 15:3). In order to be a Christian one must be made clean, from sin, be born again (John 3 : 5), become a new creature in Christ ( 1 Peter 1: 2 2). When you have been baptized into Christ (Gal. 3:26), you put on Christ, hence a Christian,
you must also liye a clean righteous life unto the very end.

H is for Honesty (Rom. 12:17). Every Christian must be honest, honest with God, Christ and his fellowman ( 2 Cor. 8: 21).

R is for Reasonable. There are some people who are so unreasonable that if they cannot run things their way, they won't work at all. I am afraid we have too many unreasonable people in the church. Brethren, let's be reasonable.

I is for Interested. What a wonderful thing it is to see people interested in the Lord's work, trying their best to build up the church, to save souls, to have the gospel preached. My christian brother, are you interested in the Lord's work as you are in your work?

S is for Steadfastness ( 1 Cor. 15: 58). Too many of us are big meeting Christians, unstable, fair weather Christians. May God
help us to be steadfast in following Jesus Christ.

T is for Thankful (Phil. 2:14-16). How many of us are as thankful as we ought to be? When we think of the great sacrifice Jesus made, his suffering and death, are we thankful enough? Do we appreciate God's blessings as we should? May we be thankful for temporal and spiritual blessings.

I is for Innocent (Matt. 18:3). We must live innocent lives in order to have an influence for good. Christ was innocent of every
charge brought against him. We may be accused of things in our life, but if we are innocent, God knows it (Matt. 5:11).

A is for Awake (Eph. 5:14). We must be awake to the responsibilities of the Christian life. If we are asleep, we should read the
parable of the five foolish virgins (Matt. 25:1-11).

N is for Noble. I believe the most noble life in all the world is the life of a Christian (2 Tim. 4:1-8).

Brother, are you a Christian?

Can you spell it in your life?

Source: Firm Foundation, Tuesday, September 20, 1928, page 3.

Gospel Advocate Obituary

Memorial services were conducted for Cornelius C. Abbott at the Highland Oaks Church of Christ, Dallas, Texas. Abbott, 73, departed this life Oct. 6, while a patient at the Gunter Home.

Born in Waverly, Ohio, brother Abbott attended David Lipscomb College, and soon began preaching at an early age. For several years, he did evangelist work in the Ohio Valley, mainly in the states of Ohio and West Virginia. I first met Cornelius in the fall of 1941, when I went to Marietta, Ohio, for a meeting with him. Then the following spring he came to be with me in a meeting in Wewoka, Okla. Soon after this he moved to Chickasha, Okla., then to Lamar Ave. in Paris, Texas; while living there I was with him in a meeting, during which time his two children Neil Jr. and Donna, were baptized.

Later he lived and preached in Altus, Seminole and Duncan, Okla. He was once the preacher for the Red Bank church in Chattanooga, Tenn. His last years of local work were spent with the churches in Carrollton and Malakoff, Texas. Then he and his wife, Virginia, built a house and retired at 2827 Greenhill, Mesquite, Texas, in the greater Dallas area. They placed their membership with the Highland Oaks church and there, along with his two children and their families, they have worshiped for the past few years.

The Abbott's reared Virginia's younger sister, Donna, and helped her go to Abilene Christian University, where she met and later married Parker Henderson.

Brother Abbott was a good man and a fine preacher, and thousands of people obeyed the gospel under his teaching. He loved the Lord's church.

"Neil" Abbott was a personal friend of mine. We spent many hours together talking about the Lord's work. Often in our times of association we would laugh and joke about his name always being at the head of the list in Preachers of Today. He had a fine sense of humor, and always enjoyed being with his preaching brethren. He will be greatly missed. Ron Milton and John Banister, two long-time friends, conducted the service, and the body was laid to rest in beautiful Restland Cemetery in Dallas. Brother Abbott is survived by his good wife and by his two children, Neil Jr. of Garland, Texas, and Mrs. Donna Jean (Abbott) Gamblin of Mesquite, Texas, and their families, plus many dear friends throughout the brotherhood.

Source: Perry B. Cotham, 1814 Santa Cruz, Grand Prarie, TX 75051 - Gospel Advocate November 21, 1985, page 700.

Note: This is a timed piece. Some of those enlisted as living may be now deceased.

Directions To Grave

Neil and Virginia Abbott are buried in north Dallas, Texas in Restland Cemetery. From downtown Dallas, head north on Hwy 75 (Central Expressway North). Get off at Exit 8B and turn right on Forest Lane. Go right (east) on Forest Lane. Turn left (north) on Greenville Ave., passing under the L.B.J. Freeway. The cemetery will on the left. Turn left on Restland Rd. and enter cemetery to the right. It would be good to go to the office and ask for a map. GPS below show exact location of grave in cemetery.

GPS Location
32.924062, -96.741495

Photos Taken 02.19.2015
Courtesy Of Scott Harp

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