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William Tandy Bush


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Brief Sketch On The Life Of William T. Bush

William Tandy (W.T.) Bush and his family went to Salado, Texas after the Civil War. He preached for the Salado Church of Christ, and held gospel meetings in the area. In a letter to the editor of the Gospel Advocate September 29, 1871 he wrote: "We have just returned from a camp meeting . . . continued for ten days . . . number of additions seventy-eight . . ." fifty-one of the above accessions to the cause went into organization, choosing three of their seniors to watch over them."

Another claim to fame is that W.T. Bush was the grandfather of Federal Judge Paine Bush of Dallas, Texas.

-Excerpt from History Of Church of Christ, Salado, Texas, by MaryBelle Brown. Note: I had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Brown on the telephone concerning W.T. Bush. She was very helpful in finding the grave in the cemetery. She is not only a church historian, but is the official historian of the town of Salado.

Directions To The Grave Of W.T. Bush

W.T. Bush is buried in Salado, Texas. Located about 50 miles south of Waco, and about 50 miles north of Austin, it has plenty of old stores, a very nice place to visit. Take I-35 to Exit 283 and travel east on Co. Rd. 2268. Go less than half a mile and turn left on Baines St. You will see the cemetery on your right. Go into the main entrance. After entering the cemetery go to the first right and travel about 100ft. Stop the car and look back toward the front of the cemetery. The Bush plot will be in the center of the cemetery. The actual GPS location of the grave is: 30°56'10.1"N 97°31'53.8"W / D.d. 30.936149, -97.531603

Looking Back Toward Front Of Cemetery

W.T. Bush
June 5, 1819,
Dec. 6, 1881
Blessed are the dead which die in
The Lord, from henceforth, saith
the Spirit, that they may rest from
Their labors, and their works do
follow them. Rev. Xiv v.13

Wife Of
W.T. Bush
Born 1825,
Died 1856.
31 Years.
Blessed are the dead
which die in the Lord
Rev. XIV 13 verse

First Person Buried In Salado Cemetery

Mary A.
Wife Of
W.T. Bush
July 11, 1819,
Sept. 18, 1886.
Precious to the sight of the
Lord is the death of his saints
Psalm CXVI, 15 verse.

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