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Biographical Sketch On The Life Of Frank L. Cox

Frank Lucius Cox was born to Hall Edwin and Beulah Nash Cox on August 5, 1895, at Farmersville, Texas. Schools he attended included Woodville, while it was yet called Indian Territory, and Kingston, Oklahoma, both grade school and high school. Later he attended Abilene Christian College, 1913-14, and Thorp Springs Christian College, 1915-16, graduating there in the Spring of 1917.

Cox was baptized by Alford A. Elmore in Red River before his 18th birthday and soon began making talks. However, he did not claim to have preached his first sermon until the Fall of 1913 while still attending Abilene Christian College. He preached that first sermon at Baird, Texas, and was a faithful proclaimer of the gospel for the rest of his life.

On December 23, 1919, he married Jo Gretchen Jarnigan. To this union one boy and three girls were born: Jula Lucine (husband of Lawrence L. Smith), Wanda Maye (husband, Calvin W. Wilson), Thelma Jo (husband, John H. Mitchell, Jr.; Thelma Jo is deceased), Paul Frank Cox (wife, Lahoma V.).

Cox preached in 31 States in meetings and seminars.

He baptized all four of their children and officiated for all four weddings; all married Christians coming from Christian homes. All 14 grandchildren are Christians and all are faithful members of the church.

In addition to his extensive work in gospel meetings and seminars and encouraging young men in college to become preachers, he was also a prolific writer. Some of the books he wrote were: "101 Sermon Outlines," "Moses' Last Birthday and Other Sermons," "According to Paul," "Lessons on Church Leadership," "Miracles of Jesus," "Parables of Jesus," "Revelation in 26 Lessons," "Romans in 23 Lessons," "Sermon on the Mount," "According to Luke," "Treatises of Luke," "77 Sermon Outlines," and others.

Some of the honors bestowed on him were: Honorary membership in Eugene Field Society of Authors and Journalists, 1945; Doctor of Law degree conferred by Magic Valley Christian College, 1964 (Magic Valley, Utah); Doctor of Literature by National Christian University of Dallas, Texas, 1971; named Editor of the Year by 20th Century Christian, 1975: honored by International Bible College, Florence, Alabama, in 1976 for his long and faithful service for the Lord.

He was an elder in the Glenwood Church of Christ of Tyler, Texas, from 1959 to the time of his death.

Cox was a lover of children and wherever he worked with the church, he had classes on Saturdays for the children. In these classes, they were taught to lead singing, to lead prayers to read the Scriptures, and to discuss the Scriptures, whatever could be done to strengthen their faith and knowledge of the Bible.

He was among the first to introduce the bus ministry to bring children and adults to services and use this as a means of making new converts to the church and introducing many people to the church.

Cox will be long remembered for his ability as a writer. He possessed an unusual ability in the field of homiletics. He was unsurpassed in his ability to analyze a Scripture text and to put it in an outline form.

He was editor of a family magazine, The Spotlight, for seven years. He was closely associated with the Firm Foundation for 15 years. He was editor of Minister's Monthly, a magazine for church leaders, for 20 years. He had been a staff writer for the Gospel Advocate since 1953.

Cox possessed a very kind and loving spirit. He was a prayerful man and was heard praying just minutes before he died. While deeply spiritual yet he possessed a fine sense of human and was a source of encouragement to all who knew him.

On January 9, 1978, this great soldier of the cross went home to be with the Lord. Survivors were his wife, Jo Gretchen Cox of Tyler, Texas; daughters, Lula Smith of Abilene, Texas and Wanda Maye Wilson; a son, Dr. Paul F. Cox of Dallas, Texas; 14 grandchildren and six great grandsons.

Funeral service was conducted by George H. Stephenson and Charles Sibert. Funeral was held in the Glenwood Church of Christ in Tyler, Texas. Burial was in Cathedral in the Pines Cemetery, Tyler, Texas.

-In Memoriam, Gussie Lambert, pages 58-60

1974 Interview With Frank L. Cox

by Charles Coil

(Editor's note: Recently, Charles Coil preached in a series of meetings for the Glenwood Church in Tyler, Texas. While there he had an opportunity to visit in the home of Brother Frank Cox. Brother Cox is an elder at Glenwood; he edited Minister's Monthly for sixteen years and has been preaching for sixty years. It is doubtful that any man has helped more preachers in sermon preparation than he. Because of his widely felt influence exerted both in preaching and writing it was felt that readers of The World Evangelist would be interested in this timely interview. Here is Brother Coil's interview.)

Question: Brother Cox, in order to bring readers up to date, suppose you summarize your recent activities.

Brother Cox: Well, I moved to Tyler eighteen years ago. Since moving here I have written several books, edited papers, preached on Sundays, lectured at most of our colleges, conducted gospel meetings and began serving as an elder in 1460. At the present time I am recovering from a heart attack and unable to travel much. Sister Cox suffered a broken pelvic bone during my illness so we are both regaining our strength. We conduct our mail order book business and enjoy our friends.

Question: When did you obey the gospel and by whom were you baptized?

Brother Cox: I was baptized in 1913 by Alfred Elmore

Question :In your opinion, why have we not preached the gospel to every creature in the last one hundred years?

Brother Cox: As I see it we lacked a positive outreach. I recognize the need for negative preaching and the necessity of pointing out religious error. On the other hand, too many of us stopped there. We must point out religious error but some acted like this was all we had to do. We must preach to those who have no religion. Our priofities have not always been properly placed. We have spent time on insignificant details whiie the whole world needed to hear the gospel and the love of God.

Question: What is the most encouraging thing you see in the brotherhood?

Brother Cox: That brethren love one another more tenderly than we once did. I believe the majority of our brethren are showing more love for one another and for God and, to me, this is a most encouraging development


Brother and Sister Cox conduct a mail order book business (address below) and he still has available man] of the thirty-six books that he wrote or edited. Incidentally both have a pleasant outlook and a keen sense of humor International Bible College plans a special service to honor. Brother Cox, probably at the April workshop.

Note: Following was a list of books by Frank L. Cox available, including: Lessons on Church Leadership; Revelation in 26 Lessons $1.71; Romans in 23 Lessons $1.71; Lessons on the Miracles of Jesus $1.50; Sermon Notes on the Sermon on the Mount $1.50; Book of Prayers $ .50; Bedside Meditations $1.00; 77 Sermon Outlines $ .50; 101 Sermon Outlines (revised) $3.00; According to Paul (99 sermon outlines) $2.50; Select Sermon Material $1.00; Book of Conversions (Acts) $1.00; Sermon Notes on the Parables of Jesus $1.50; Moses' Last Birthday $3.95; 33 Sermons; 33 Sermon Briefs.

-The World Evangelist, November 1974, page 12. NOTE: This is a timed piece. Frank and Jo have both passed away.

Directions To The Grave of Frank L. Cox

F.L. Cox is buried in Tyler, Texas in the Cathedral In The Pines Cemetery. The cemetery lies south of the city, yet within the city limits. The address is 7825 S. Broadway Ave. (The main N-S road through Tyler). Enter the cemetery at the north entrance. As you drive in you will see a lake on your right. Continue past the lake. Bear to the right past the Mausoleum (which is on the left). Look to the right for a row of pine trees. The plot is in front of (to the East of) the pine trees. From the pine trees count 8 Rows to the east. Then from the street go in (North) 11 rows to the plot of Frank L. and Jo Gretchen Cox.

GPS Coordinates
Acc to 14 ft.
32°15'50.5"N 95°18'32.2"W
or D.d. 32.264018, -95.308956
Section A Lot 21

The Cox Plot Is To The Right Of The Mausoleum In Front Of The Row Of Pines

Frank L. 1895-1978
Jo Gretchen 1898-1986

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