History of the Restoration Movement

William L. Gibbs

Died In 1907

First Preacher Of Churches Of Christ In Abilene, Texas

In 1883, W. L. Gibbs, a teacher and printer by trade, began preaching because no other members of the church of Christ in the town would. Within four years, a church of sixty members had been organized and a neat chapel erected. Although the nearest minister in the Church of Christ was over 100 miles away, the congregation promised to pay 600 dollars to any evangelist who would labor in the area for one year.

-From History of Churches Of Christ In Texas, Stephen D. Eckstein, Jr. , PhD. c.1963, chapter 5, page 155. The original source was an article in The Christian Standard, XXII, (July 23, 1887) p.235

Directions To The Grave Of William L. Gibbs

W.L. Gibbs is buried in Abilene, Texas in the City Cemetery. In Abilene, Texas, take I-20 to Exit 290, Hwy. 332. As you head south from the exit you will need to turn right, heading west on E. North 10th Street. Head out about a mile and you will see cemeteries on your left and right after the Railroad crossing. This is the City Cemetery. Turn left on Cotton wood and enter the third entrance to your left. As you enter you will go to the second gravel road on the right and turn. The Gibbs plot will be just to your left under some trees. The problem will be that there is no marker for W.L. Gibbs. Look for the "GRAVES" section, and the Gibbs section will be just to its right. The Bell plot will be facing you. See pictures below. See Cemetery Map Here

GPS Coordinates
Acc. to 21ft.
32°27'24.4"N 99°43'26.8"W
or D.d. 32.456783, -99.724100
No Grave Markers
City Section Block 38 Lot 7 Space 8

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