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William Franklin Lemmons


Sketch On The Life Of William F. Lemmons

W.F. Lemmons - 1867

W. F. Lemmons was born November 16, 1867 at Pocahontas, Arkansas. He grew up on a farm and was educated in the schools of Randolph County. His ancestors for several generations were Christians. His grandfather was the illustrious pioneer preacher, John M. Lemmons.

Brother W. F. Lemmons was a constant student of the Bible from the time he learned to read as a lad. At the age of fifteen he was baptized by B. M. Crockett.

February 8, 1896 he began preaching and for a time received but little encouragement. In 1897 he conducted his first protracted meeting at Magness, Arkansas. He was the editor of the Eye-Opener, which was established December 1898, published from Ravenden Springs, Arkansas. For a time he was associated with E.M. Borden in publishing the Christian Pilot.

September 1903 he moved to Texas and issued the Eye-Opener from Anson, Texas. Much space in the paper was given to the exposure of Materialism. The paper became a weekly in January 1905. Brother Lemmons sold it to Brethren Ingram and Douglass who in 1911 were publishing it from Prittchett, Texas.

Brother Lemmons held a meeting at Magness again in 1911 and another in 1912 in later years going back many times and also preaching much at Newark. He made many sacrifices for the cause during the more than forty years he preached the gospel. He went when called, regardless of distance, and mostly they were destitute places. He established congregations in thirteen different states. He engaged in a number of debates.

In 1933 he was again living in Randolph County, the county of his birth. Though now 65 years old he answered a call to return to Texas.

He died at Ennis, Texas, on September 25, 1936. The body was taken overland to Tyler, Texas where he once lived. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. Darrell Metcalf. He was buried in Kendrick Cemetery.

-Arkansas Angels, Boyd E. Morgan, pages 45,46

Brief Obituary Of W.F. Lemmons

W.F. Lemmons, my father, was born December 16, 1867, in Pocahontas Arkansas and passed away September 25, 1936, at Ennis, Texas, where he and my mother were making their home with my brother S.L. Lemmons. My mother, who was Susan Medora Wilks, and my father were married in Pocahontas, Arkansas, February 8, 1891, and to this union five children were born, four of whom survived him. He began preaching at the age of twenty-two and was an evangelist, forty-five years. He suffered many persecutions, but it cheers us up to know that many added stars will be in his crown, and he remained staunch and firm to the end. Funeral services were held at the church of Christ in Tyler, Texas, with interment in Kendricks Cemetery - Mrs. L.A. Zeleskey 5903 Lewis, Dallas, Texas

-Firm Foundation - Vol. 53 #42, October 20, 1936

Directions To The Grave of W.F. Lemmons

The grave of W.F. Lemmons is located in the old Kendrick Cemetery in Tyler, Texas. South of the city on S. Broadway Ave turn west on Grande Ave. (4-lane) about one mile. The sign for the cemetery is on the right. The drive leads into some apartments, but to the right of the apartments will be the cemetery. It is fenced in, and you must walk in through a turnstile to access the cemetery. Walk directly to the rear of the cemetery. The grave will be facing toward the back of the cemetery, so you will not be able to locate it until you get to the very back. The marker is toward the rear-center of the cemetery.

GPS Coordinates of the Grave
32°16'51.6"N 95°19'11.7"W
or D.d. 32.281002, -95.319927

Rear Of Cemetery View


Son Of Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Lemmons
Born Apr. 13, 1895
Died Aug. 30, 1905

In Loving Memory
Solomon O. Lemmons

In Loving Memory
Wm Franklin Lemmons

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