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Dr. Nathaniel H. Osborne Polly


County Judge, Doctor, Minister of the Gospel in Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi & Texas

Nathan H.O. Polly, whose ministry in Texas began in 1848 and lasted for more than 50 years, established many North Texas congregations and strengthened many of the churches in the Dallas area.  He was the first judge of Montague County, Texas, where he started a frontier church.  

Rockwall, Texas, became his permanent home from which he preached and established many churches in surrounding counties.  In 1892 Polly stated that he had traveled and preached in North Texas for forty-three years but had never received enough support to keep him in decent clothes.  Polly died in 1902 at eighty-two years of age, having preached for a total of sixty-four years.  In the course of his career, he baptized some 3,000 people. Polly was a link to the pioneers of the Stone-Campbell tradition, having received his education from Walter Scott as a young man.

From THE CHURCHES OF CHRIST by Richard Thomas Hughes, Entry by R.L. Roberts

Note To Millennial Harbinger

-Millennial Harbinger, Under, News From The Churches, Vol. 4. No. 4, April, 1854, page 237.

Obituary for Dr. N. H. O. Polly

Polly—With sadness of heart I chronicle the death of another old soldier of the cross, Brother H.N.O. Polly, (sic) departed this life November 2, 1902. He was born in Kentucky in the years A.D. 1820, obeyed the gospel at the age of 18, and began preaching at the age of 19. He started to Texas and stopped in Arkansas, preache the gospel 6 years, and from there came to Texas where he spent the rest of his life in the Master's cause. he has baptized about 3000 souls into the one body. Brother Polly faithfully guarded the faith which was once delivered to the saints. The summons found him prepared to meet it. "Noble warrior, thou hast indeed fought a good fight and received many a scar in they spiritual contests." Earnest runner in the heavenly race, with wearied limbs they goal has been reached, zealous watchman of thye Master's trust. Brethren in Christ, we owe much to this man of God, for his faithful discharge of duty. Brother W.I. Brown spoke words of comfort to friends and relatives. Brethren and sisters, visit Sister Polly, she is sick. He was 82 years old, and was a preacher 64 years. Farwell, dear old brother, we will meet you soon where we will part no more. Your brother in Christ, —A.P. Hardin.

-Firm Foundation, 25 November, 1902, page 6.

N. H. O. Polly's Immediate Family

Polly was married to Lydia Margaret Rose, on February 24, 1828.  
Their children were:
Nancy K. born 1848
Mary C. born 2/2/1851
William O. born 6/28/1853
Martha Jane born 8/26/1856
Margurite Luella born 6/26/1857
Samantha Josephine born 3/18/1860
Julianna Arizona born 1865

-Source: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/49820536/person/13027264291/storyx/58c3c6dc-ea80-47b9-95f8-378ecbc1e72f?src=search

Directions To The Grave of N. H. O. Polly

Take I-30 east out of Dallas. Take Exit 67B and turn left on Ridge Rd. Hwy.740 toward Rockwall. When in town at Rockwall, turn left on Hwy. 66.(Divided Hwy.) Left on W. Rusk St. Then left on 2nd St. Then take 1-way back toward town on Washington St. and the cemetery & funeral home will be on the right. Enter the cemetery on S. 1st St. and go to the very end and park. Enter the large section to your left (east) and head toward the far eastern edge, just right of the center of the section. This will be the vicinity of where Polly's grave is located.

GPS Location
32.928701, -96.461714

L.M. Polly
February 24, 1828
March 27, 1912
Thy trials ended
thy rest is won
God was they
ransom, thy
Guardian, thy

Dr. N. H. O.
November 2, 1992
Aged 82 Yrs. 3 Mo. & 5 Dys.
A precious one from us has gone.
A voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled.
God in his wisdom has lowered the boon.
His love has given and though the body
Slumbers here the soul is safe in Heaven.

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