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Tillit Sidney Teddlie


Biographical Sketch on the Life of Tillit S. Teddlie

Lived to be 102 Years Old

Tillit Sidney Teddlie was born June 3, 1885, at Swan, Texas, the eighth of nine children. He was the son of Theodore and Sarah Ann Porter Teddlie.

He was baptized by A. M. Shelton in August 1903, at Golden, Texas. He attended his first singing school at age 9. The school was taught by his brother, Jim.

He taught his first singing school at White's Prairie, Texas, in 1903. Six-hour sessions were conducted daily for two weeks.

At Frederick, Oklahoma, he picked cotton during the day and taught singing school at night.

In 1906 Teddlie composed his first hymn entitled, "I Have Waited Too Long To Prepare." He told the story about an infidel who was dying of pneumonia. The man, who had boasted about his life style, begged his doctor to "tell my friends better. Tell them I've waited too long to prepare, but you have time."

Teddlie was educated in Southern Development Normal in Waco, Texas, a school for advanced instruction in theory and harmony. He also attended what is now North Texas State University.

Tillit S. Teddlie married Edna Webb. They had one child.

In addition to singing schools which he taught for 61 years, he also preached. He conducted a tent meeting in 1923 in Thalia, Texas. Merchants closed their stores for the day services. Over 400 came and 28 people were baptized.

Some of the places where he served as full-time minister were: Johnson Street Church of Christ, Greenville, Texas, 1945-1951; Ennis, Texas, three years; Sulphur Springs, Texas, two years. He preached for the Central Church of Christ in Greenville, Texas, for several years before serving at Lone Oak in 1958 and in Quinlin, Texas, in 1961-67.

Tillit Teddlie was honored by many people in many places. On June 2, 1985, 630 churches across the land proclaimed Sunday Tillit S. Teddlie Day and sang his songs. Teddlie had composed 130 songs and published 14 song books. One of his song books, "Golden Harvest Hymns" included 100 of his best known hymns.

He attended a song fest in his name at the Preston Crest Church of Christ in Dallas where more than 1,200 gathered.

Teddlie's 100th birthday was honored by President Ronald and Nancy Reagan who sent a telegram.

Texas Senator Phil Graham had a flag from the White House sent to Teddlie. The Briar, Texas, Church of Christ gave him a bronze statue worth $6,000.

The Texas House of Representatives adopted Resolution 487 in Teddlie's honor for his exemplary Citizenship and many years of church service. The State of Texas House of Representatives presented their "Certificate of Citation," "Extending our most sincere congratulations, We proudly present this Certificate: To - Tillit S. Teddliein honor of his 100th Birthday."

Foster and Edna Ramsey purchased the portrait of Teddlie and had it framed to be donated to Boles Home to hang among the previous superintendents of Boles Home. Tillit S. Teddlie served as superintendent of Boles Home from 1927-1929.

Teddlie began each morning by reciting all the books of the Bible and naming all the Presidents of the United States.

He led singing for more than 100 gospel preachers in meetings across the land. For one period of time (two years) he sang only with Foy E. Wallace, Jr., while they conducted meetings across the country.

Teddlie celebrated his 102nd birthday June 3, 1987, at Hilltop Haven in Gunter, Texas. He lived a long and useful life and will continue to live through his preaching, through his teaching, through his example ' as a music teacher and song leader, and his good influence upon all the people that he met and worked with.

On August 17, 1987, at the Nursing Home in Gunter, Texas, Tillit Sidney Teddlie departed this life to be with the Lord. He was 102 years of age.

Survivors included his son, Pete Teddlie of Dallas; one granddaughter, four great grandsons, and six great, great grandchildren.

Funeral service was conducted August 20, 1987, at 10 A. M. at the Skillman Avenue Church of Christ in Dallas where Teddlie was a member.

Stanley Lockhart and Max Wheeler conducted congregational singing. Mike Armour, Skillman Avenue minister, and Hulen Jackson delivered eulogies. Pallbearers at the Dallas service were Nelson Slater, Virgil Bentley, Jimmy Wood, John Mann, Hardeman Nichols and Clifton Rogers.

Graveside services and burial were at 12:30 P.M., August 20, in Forest Park Cemetery at Greenville, Texas. Pallbearers at the graveside service were Weldon Hudson, Leon Powers, Foy Powell, Kenneth Thompson, and Wayne Wallace. Randy Daw officiated at the graveside service.

- From In Memoriam, Gussie Lambert, c.1988, Shreveport, LA, pp.269-270

Heaven Holds All To Me

One day around 1932, Tillit S. Teddlie was able to visit his old homeplace where he had lived as a child. In his memory the place was as new as when he was a boy. But when he arrived at his home years later, it was in shambles. The barn was ramshackled and falling down; trees were dead, or gone. I'm not even sure the house was standing. Teddlie sat on the ground, leaned against a tree, took out his pocket-sized Bible, and turned to a blank page in the back. There he wrote the words, "Earth holds no treasures but perish with using, however precious they be. Yet there's a country to which I am going. Heaven holds all to me!" The hymn, "Heaven Holds All To Me" has motivated many thousands of worshippers since then to put things in perspective, the unseen over the seen; the eternal over the temporal.
-Kippy Myers, World Evangelist, 1996, December, page 8, Under The Column, Illustrations That Illustrate

Events In The Life Of Tillett S. Teddlie

August 1903
Baptize by A. M. Shelton, Golden, Texas

June 3, 1885
Born in Swan, Texas

1903 or 1904
Conducted His First Singing School White's Prairie, Texas

Wrote first song, "I have waited too long to prepare"

FF, page 8
 "Our New Song Book" Advertisement – A new songbook released edited by Austin Taylor, G.H.P. Showalter, and TST. 25 cents a copy.

Preached first tent meeting - Thalia, Texas
FF, page 6
TST living in Vernon, Texas – reports on meeting at West, Texas by Brother M.L. Moore preaching.
FF, page 5
TST still at Vernon, announces preaching in a meeting at Dike, Texas with 19 additions. Virgil O. Teddlie led the singing. Plans to go to Cumby, Texas in August for a meeting
FF, page 3
TST is superintendent of Boles Orphan Home
FF, page 2
L.S. White, of the Wichita Falls church, reports on his work and mentions that TST is the preacher for the church in Belton, Texas. He led singing in a meeting being preached by G.A. Dunn, Sr. at the congregation.
FF, page 5
Report by TST from Belton saying the average Bible School attendance for his first year was 98, the second year it was 131. "This past year it was 157, and this is 25 percent above the actual membership of the congregation. Note: Doing the numbers, it looks like he moved to Belton in 1928.
FF, page 6
Report by TST that during January an average attendance at Belton was 182. Striving for average of 200 for February
FF, page 7
Report of TST recently conducting a two-week song drill at the Southside congregation in Austin, Texas
FF, page 6
Report by T.H. Etheridge that TST started a song drill at the University church in Austin
FF, page 6
Report by TST of his decision to leave the church in Belton after over 2 years of work. Leaving the last Sunday in May, and planning to do evangelistic work, either for leading singing or preaching for meetings.
FF, page 6
Report by TST of an average attendance of 192 in the Bible classes at Belton during the month of April. 42 young men and women in the young people's class on Sunday evening. Plans first meeting of summer at Silverton, Texas
FF, page 7
Report by TST from a new address at 3301 San Jacinto Street, Dallas, Texas, and says it is where all correspondence should be addressed.
FF, page 4
Report by B.F. Holland of McDade, Texas concerning a singing school previously conducted there by TST.
FF, page 5
Report by J.L. Pummill of Madisonville, Texas of TST recently closing at meeting at Midway with 3 restorations.
FF, page 5
Report by TST of a meeting finished at Rattan, in rural Delta County, with 4 baptisms and 2 restorations. Then plans to go to Ennis, Texas for meeting.
FF, page 5
Report by TST of finishing meeting at Ennis with 12 baptisms and 3 identifying with the congregation. Plans to go to Como, Texas next.
FF, page 6
Report by TST of accepting the work at the Western Heights congregation in Dallas. He followed R.B. Sweet in the congregation, who apparently went to be the preacher at Belton. There were 160 present in the Bible classes the first Sunday.
FF, page 3
Advertisement for Lectures at Boles Children's Home in Quinlan, Texas. Jan. 26-29, 1932. TST is to speak on "Experiences as Superintendent of Boles Children's Home."
FF, page 6
Report from TST on meetings at Ben Franklin Road and Rattan. Seven baptisms at the former. Plans of Midlothian, Texas
FF, page 8
Report from L.S. White of meeting with Horace W. Busby doing the preaching (at Wichita Falls, Texas). TST led the singing during the meeting for 12 days of the meeting.
FF, page 6
Report from Frank L. Cox of his plan to begin working with the church in Sweetwater, Texas. In the report he mentioned that TST "worked here for three years and did a wonderful work. He is loved and respected by the brethren and the citizens."
FF. page 6
Report from Ira D. Brister of the Hampton Place church in Dallas where TST completed a successful meeting saying that his preaching was as good as the best.
FF, page 5
Report from TST as working with the church in Electra, Texas. Had an average of 100 per night during the ten night singing drill he conducted. Saying work was going well.
FF, page 5
Report from George W. McCollum who was telling of his new work at Western Heights in Dallas. Explained, "Brother Tillit S. Teddlie served this church for three years and did a very substantial work. He was in the city and preached for us Wednesday evening. There was one baptism and one restoration at that service." McCollum explained that his first Sunday at Western Heights was "the second Lord's Day in September."
FF, page 6
Report from TST saying the work at Electra is going well. Said they had average of 200 for Bible classes in February, average of 125 for mid-week and 400 on Sundays.
FF, page 8
Report from R.L. Colley of Vernon, Texas of a debate that took place in Electra between TST and a Fundamentalist Baptist preacher by the name of C.C. Elrod. Elrod was a premillennialist, and TST faced him for two nights. – It was reported that this was TST's first debate.
FF, page 7
TST advertises a new song book called Whispers of Love. He also gives a new address for him at 821 ½ N. Marsalis, Dallas, Texas. -
FF, page 7
Report from TST that he visited Electra and preached. Thomas E. Milholland is the preacher there. He said, "I am preaching once a month at Mansfield, and once a month with the Presley church near Corsicana, Texas. I am scheduled to speak at a special meeting at Clovis, New Mexico, December 7.
FF, page 5
Report from TST of his work now at the Jasper, Texas congregation. Said that to date they have 25 members and 67 enrolled in Bible classes. Also, plans to have C.M. Pullias to come in for a meeting in February.
FF, page 6
Report from Arthur W. Francis, Jr., at Lakeview, Texas. He preached for the Plasko congregation. He said, "We arranged for a number of Brother Teddlie's ‘Songs of Salvation' to use in our song service. They are splendid books." – produced by Firm Foundation
FF, page 5
Report from TST. He is apparently back at Western Heights saying, "Brother J.B. Nelson will preach for us at the Western Heights church, Dallas, May 15. The annual home-coming day will be observed with dinner on the ground, and a spiritual song service in the afternoon. A number of singers from the Home will assist us in the afternoon program."
FF, page 6
TST involved in a singing school at Elk City
FF, page 5
Report from Thomas Spears that he is filling in at Western Heights during the absence of TST for three months.
FF, page 11
Report from TST that he had accepted the invitation to come and preach for the Johnson Street church in Greenville, Texas to labor with them as the local evangelist. To move to Greenville December 11.
FF, page 13
Report of a Lecture program at Mexia, Texas. TST to speak on "The Restoration Movement."
FF, page 10
Report from TST, "Tillit S. Teddlie, Box 196, Greenville, Texas, February 26: "After a little more than five years' work with the Johnson Street church in Greenville, I have accepted work with the church of Christ, Ennis, Texas, and will begin there on March 4. Two were baptized and o ne was restored in the two services yesterday, making a total of eleven baptisms and two restorations during the year of 1951."
FF, page 11
Tlllit S. Teddlie, Box 336, Ennis, Texas, October 1: "Propositions are signed for a three-night discussion between Mr. L. Chester Guinn, Missionary Baptist and me, beginning Monday night, October 22, at the meeting house of the church of Christ in Italy, Texas. The issues to be discussed are: the establishment of the church, and baptism essential to salvation and apostasy. Mr. Guinn affirms that the Missionary Baptist church was established by Jesus Christ during his personal ministry."
FF, page 333
Art. TST to direct Dallas wide – 3rdAnnual Singing Normal School that TST has directed from the beginning. (So, this began in 1956).
FF, page 495
Report from Raymond West of Marshall, Texas, "Brother Tillit S. Teddlie has moved here to work with the East Burleson church as our music director and associate minister."
FF, pages 294, 302
Art. By TST – "Singing During The Communion." He says the practice is unscriptural. An article in subsequent issue by David Malone defends the practice.
FF, page 778
Report by TST, "Tillit S. Teddlie, Box 991, Greenville, Texas: Three placed membership Oct. 18. Attendance this month has averaged ninety. All services are well attended. A fine interest prevails. The Quinlan church now has 58 members.
FF, page 79
Report by TST, "TillitS.Teddlie,Box991,Greenville,Jan.18:TheworkatQuinlan,Texas,continues togrow. One wasbaptizedJan.17. Six placedmembership duringDecember.The Quinlanchurchis nowtwoyearsold with a membershipof 57; anaverageattendance of 84,and anaveragecontributionof$183.00 per week.
FF, page 668
TST leads prayer at Fort Worth Appreciation Dinner for Foy E. Wallace, Jr.
FF, page 143
ACC GETS VALUABLE COLLECTION Tillit S. Teddlie, widely known song writer for more than 50 years, has presented a bound volume of his original manuscripts to Abilene Christian College. Teddlie, who has written more than 100 gospel songs, is the authorofsuch favorites as "Heaven Holds All to Me," "Worthy Art Thou," "Lord, I Am Coming to Thee," and "The Depth of God's Love." The plastic-encased manuscripts and the accompanying brief historyofeach song yield a book nearly three inches thick. Initially it will be on display in the ACC library.
FF, page 282
Advertisement – A new record of 14 songs written by TST by the A Cappella Chorus of The Christian College of the Southwest, Dallas, Texas – Order from TST for $4.03 prepaid.
FF, page 683
Tillit S. Teddlie, P.0.Box 31431,Dallas, Texas 75231: It wasmy great pleasureto preach forthe Churchof ChristatQuinlan, Texassixand ahalf years,terminatingmyministrythere August 24, 1969.From asmallbeginning of22members,thechurchnow hasamembership of approximately100.
FF, page 14[350]
TILLIT S. TEDDLIECOTTAGEBEING BUILTATBOLES HOME -Asa memorialtothe life and workof Tillit S. Teddlie,renowned hymn writer andsweet singerofIsrael, plans arecompleteforthebuilding of the Tillit S.TeddliecottageatBolesHome.A$70,000 cottageisplanned and $17,000hasbeencontributedtothe building. BrotherTeddlie willcelebratehis89thbirthdayinJuneof this year.
FF, page 14[670]
GOLDEN HARVEST HYMNS. Tillit S. Teddlie. $2 (cloth $4) An absolutely priceless volume. It contains 85 choice songs written by this master of music writers, plus one written by a kinsman. This memorial volume contains only the songs for which Teddlie wrote either words or music or both. It will no doubt be a "one edition" printing, and this item will be a valuable collector's item. Order it from Tillit S. Teddlie, 6310 Ellsworth, Dallas, Texas 75214.
FF, page 14[350]
John H. Bannister reports that TST is about to turn 90, and that he still leads singing. Invites all to send a birthday card including his address at 6310 Ellsworth, Dallas, Texas 75214, Phone: 821-3331.
FF, page 12[76]
Tillit S. Teddlie, 6310 Ellsworth, Dallas, TX 75214, Dec. 6: I would be happy to hear from members of the body of Christ who have enjoyed singing my songs in the assemblies, and especially which song or songs you have enjoyed most. If you love these songs I hope you will continue to use them to the glory of God and the edification of his saints.
FF, page 13[477]
Advertisement from the Firm Foundation Publishing House – Song Book entitled "Freedom Edition" songbook of 200 old-time favorites edited by TST. 95 cents each.
FF, page 15[827]
Advertisement for sale - Golden Harvest Hymns, 2nd Ed. by Tillit S. Teddlie. Contains 86 songs, 79 written by T. S. Teddlie. Price $3.00 per copy or $2.50 for 10 or more. Tillit S. Teddlie, 3624 Norcross; Dallas, TX 75229.
FF, page 28[300]
Planned 100thB'day party for TST on June 3, 1985 – Now lives at Hill Haven Home in Gunter, Texas
FF, page 28[300]
TST's 100thBirthday
FF, page 25[350]
Report by J.H. Banister on TST's 101st B'day celebration
August 17, 1987
Tillet S. Teddlie died at the Nursing Home in Gunter, Texasa at 102 year of age
August 20, 1987
Funeral at Skillman Ave. church of Christ, Dallas, Texas, Burial followed at Forest Park Cemetery, Greenville, Texas
FF, page 19
Art. By W.D. Jeffcoat, "F.L. Eiland And Southern Development Normal." Noted the following: "In 1904 Tillit S. Teddlie, who later proved to be one of the most able song writers our brethren have had with such compositions as "Heaven Holds All to Me" and "Worthy Art Thou," studied theory and harmony under the scholarly Dr. J .B. Herbert. Although Eiland was sick at the time and not able to teach in the school, he later tutored Teddlie by correspondence. Eiland, in fact, helped Teddlie with the first song that Teddlie published "Round the Hills In Galilee," in 1907.

Key: FF=Firm Foundation
Source: Ancil Jenkins, edited by Scott Harp 01.07.2020

Some Memorable Songs Of Tillit S. Teddlie

Thou Wilt Keep Him
Time Yet Enough
We Shall Meet Someday
I Remember Jesus
Don't Wait Too Long
A Joyful Song
The Master's Touch
In The Service Of My King, 1919
When We Meet In Sweet Communion, "The Lord's Supper," 1922
Singing Redemption's Song, 1923
Worthy Art Thou, 1930
Heaven Holds All To Me, 1932
Cast All Your Burdens On The Lord, 1935
What Will Your Answer Be?, 1935
In Heaven Their Singing, 1937
Songs Of Salvation, 1937
O The Depths And The Riches, 1938
Into Our Hands The Gospel Is Given (Composer Only), 1939
You Can Lead Someone To Jesus, 1943
Oft We Come Together, "True Worship", 1944
O God Of Infinite Mercy, 1948
Safe In The Harbor, 1954
Hear Me When I Call, 1962
May This My Glory Be, 1972
God Sent His Own Son, 1978 (Possibly His last song, at age 93)

Tillett S. Teddlie - powerpoint by Ancil Jenkins - 2016 Faulkner Lecture

Location Of The Grave Of T.S. Teddlie

In January, 2002 my son and I went to Texas for the Ft. Worth Lectures. On the way we stopped in Greenville, Texas located about 45 miles northeast of Dallas on I-30. On I-30 take the 94b Exit and go south on Hwy. 69 1/2 mile. The Forest Park Cemetery will be on your left. Enter the main gate, and proceed to the first intersection (a triangle with a few graves in the middle.) At the intersection bear to the left. Proceed around until you come to a big tree on your right. To your left (east) will be a golf course, and straight ahead (south) will be a big white two story house. Looking up the hill to your right, you will first see "Williams." Then look further up the hill and see "Pearson." Teddlie's grave is just to the left of Pearson facing North. You can't see it from the road. Travel up the grassy nole to see grave.

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