History of the Restoration Movement

Chronology Of The Life Of Alexander Campbell


Lithograph drawn in 1859 by D.S. Wagner
Signed: With Kindest regards, Forever yours
with hope of immortality, A. Campbell
Note: Wagner signed his name and date backwards
Drawing Hanging In the Campbell Mansion
Bethany, WV
Photo taken May 24, 2012
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Chronology of The Life Of Alexander Campbell

February 1, 1763
Thomas Campbell, father of A. C. born at Newry, County Down, Ireland

September 1, 1763
Jane Corneigle born, mother of A. C.

September 12, 1788
Birth in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland

January 29, 1791
Margaret Brown is born

John Brown, Margaret’s Brown Campbell’s father, builds a three story dwelling in the northern Virginia wilderness, the beginning of what is now known as the Bethany Mansion

November 12, 1802
Selina Huntington Bakewell, is born in Litchfield, England. In 1828 she will become A. C.’s second wife.

April 1, 1807
His father Thomas (1763-1854), migrated to America (Washington, PA.) – Arrived May 13 – Leaves Alexander to take charge of his school at Rich Hill

September 28, 1808
Departs for America on Sailing Vessel, Hybernia

October 7, 1808
Ship-wrecked off Scotland Coast, on the Isle of Islay, one of the Hebrides

November 3, 1808
Reaches Glasgow, comes under influence of Greville Ewing

November 9, 1808
Enters Glasgow University (Mem. Vol 1. p.130) The classes he had entered were those of Professor Young, both public and private, in Greek; those of Professor Jardine, public and private, in Logic and Belles Lettres, and Dr. Ure’s class in Experimental Philosophy. French 6am; Greek N.T. 7am; Latin 8-10am; Returning to bathe and breakfast; Advanced Greek and Latin in the afternoons. Professors Young and Jardine had taught his father, now him

End of November, 1808
Greville Ewing arranges for family to move to “a more eligible situation in Youngsland, Broad Street, Hutchinsontown” Family stays here until departure to America. (Mem. Vol.1, p,130)

Aug. 5, 1809
A. C. sails to America

September 29, 1809
Arrives In New York, USA on ship Latonia, Reads Declaration And Address and dedicates his life to its principles

October 25, 1809
Reaches Washington, PA

July 15, 1810
Preaches his first sermon on Matthew 7:24-27

Publishes the “Clarinda” essays.

March 12, 1811
A. C. Marries Margaret Brown (A. C. is 23 years old & Margaret is 20)

May 4, 1811
Christian Association Of Washington becomes the church at Brush Run – First meeting in building June 16 (EJW,v1,165)

May 16, 1811
Leaves home on 1st preaching tour – Returns June 14

June 16, 1811
Preaches first sermon in Brush Run Meetinghouse = The church begins taking the Lord’s Supper weekly.

July 4, 1811
Thomas Campbell immerses James Bryant, Margaret Fullerton and Abraham Alters, himself standing on a root of a tree outside the water; these were the first immersions of the Brush Run Church. – Alexander Campbell moves to his father-in-law’s home, assists in the work of the farm and preaches. (Memoirs, vol. 1, page 371 /EJW,v1,172)

December 25, 1811
Writes memorability of heart examination and formulates his views of church government.

January 1, 1812
Ordained To The Ministry – in view of impending birth of child sets out a diligent study of baptism

March 13, 1812
1st child Jane Campbell (Ewing), is born – (A. C. is 24 years old) – She was later married to Albert G. Ewing

June 12, 1812
A. C., Margaret, Thomas & Jane are baptized by Baptist minister Matthias Luce on the confession of faith in Christ as the Son of God – Leadership of the movement is conceded to A. C. by his father.

Fall, 1813
Brush Run Church joined Redstone Baptist Association (MH,1848,344ff;Memoirs,1,438ff)

September 13, 1813
Eliza Ann Campbell (later marries John C. Campbell), born – She is the second child daughter to Margaret and AC.

June 8, 1814
Brush Run Church resolves to moves as a body to Zanesville, Ohio. Mr. John Brown, A. C.’s father-in-law, in order to keep A. C. near, deeds farm to him for a small fee.

November 20, 1815
Maria Louisa Campbell Henley – born, third daughter & third child of A. C. & Margaret Campbell

December 12, 1815
Goes east To Philadelphia, New York And Washington, D. C., To Solicit Funds To Build A Meeting-House At Wellsburg, Securing $1,000

August 30, 1816
“Sermon on the Law” At Cross Creek Baptist Church, near Wellsburg, Growing opposition in Redstone Association. – Marks the beginning of separation from the Baptists

Thomas Campbell moves to Cambridge, Ohio and later to Kentucky.

January 17, 1818
Lavinia McGregor Campbell, (later Mrs. W.K. Pendleton) is born. She is the 4th child and daughter of A. C. & Margaret Campbell

Opens Buffalo Seminary, Campbells board young men in their home for the purpose of educating them.

AC challenges a Rev. Mr. Finley, a union Presbyterian minister, to discuss the points of difference;  AC receives his first challenge for public discussion.

Second edition to Bethany home complete in view of housing/classroom space of Buffalo Seminary – during the building, the Campbell family lived in the basement.

Walter Scott arrives at Pittsburgh from Scotland, becomes acquainted with plea for Christian Union.

Thomas Campbell family returns to Virginia to assist in the work of his son in Buffalo Seminary

AC writes under the pseudonym “Candidus” in consideration of the “Moral Societies” of the time, breaking their influence. Continues managing Buffalo Seminary and operating the farm.

Feb 16, 1820
Amanda Corneigle Campbell is born. She is the 5th child and daughter of A. C. & Margaret Campbell.  (AC Mem. 2, p.31)

March 27, 1820
AC asked to debate John Walker (Presbyterian)

June 19,20, 1820
Debate with John Walker (Presbyterian) at Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. Campbell organized church at Wellsburg. (A. C.'s 1st Debate)

August 8, 1820
Amanda Corneigle Campbell is dies. She is the 5th child and daughter of A. C. & Margaret Campbell. The 1st child of A. C. to die. – Buried in Campbell Cemetery #56

August 30, 1820
Mahoning Baptist Association organized in Western Reserve of Ohio.

May 21, 1821
Selina Huntingdon Bakewell is baptized by AC at the mouth of Buffalo Creek. (MEM v.2,32)

July, 1821
Adamson Bentley and Sidney Rigdon visit A. C. at his home. They remain 2 days. They embraced the teachings of Restoration

July 14, 1821
Clarinda Campbell Pendleton (the later, 2nd Mrs. W.K. Pendleton) is born. She is the 6th child and daughter born to A. C. & Margaret Campbell.

Through A. C.’s influence Sidney Rigdon becomes minister for the churches at Pittsburg, PA.

November 10, 1822
John Brown Campbell is born and dies. He is the 7th child and 1st son to be born to A. C. & Margaret Campbell. He is the 2nd child of A. C. to die.  Buried in Campbell Cemetery #55

December, 1822
Closes Buffalo Seminary

Admitted to Mahoning Association to thwart plans to excommunicate him from Redstone Assoc.

Beg. July 4, 1823
Published Christian Baptist. Spirit. strongly iconoclastic. Objects of attack: (1) missionary societies and ecclesiastical organizations, (2) clergy, (3) creeds.

August, 1823
Organizes the church at Wellsburg, outside the jurisdiction of the Redstone Association; this church was afterward received into the Mahoning Association.

October 13, 1823
Sets out on 300 miles trip on horseback to Kentucky. Sidney Rigdon travels with him. A. C.’s first visit to Kentucky.

October 15-21, 1823
Rode 300 miles on horseback to debate Debate with W. L. McCalla (Presbyterian) at Washington, KY. Growing influence in KY. Jeremiah Vardeman serves as his moderator. – After debate AC visited Mayslick and Lexington. (A. C.'s 2nd Debate)

December, 1823
A. C. published the McCalla Debate

Withdrew Brush Run from Redstone Association and Joins Mahoning Association – Also Wellsburg church is added.

Toured Kentucky – Met Raccoon John Smith & Barton W. Stone – 3 month tour.

December 16, 1824
Margaretta L. Campbell is born. She is the 8th child and 7th daughter of AC & Margaret Campbell

A. C. focuses largely on the Christian Baptist, beginning the series “Restoration of the Ancient Order Of Things.” Continues to work on the farm.

Walter Scott removes to Steubenville and opens a private school. Memoirs, v.2, p.128 / P.S. Fall moves to Nashville at the request of the church there, Memoirs, v.2, p.142

May 14, 1826
Margaretta L. Campbell died at 17 months old. She is the 8th child and 7th daughter of AC & Margaret Campbell. She is the 3rd child of A. C. to die. She is buried in Campbell Cemetery #54

July, 1826
A. C. visits eastern Virginia and met the leading Baptist ministers there. They refuse to accept his reformatiory views. His standing with the Baptists becomes more precarious.

Aug. 25-27, 1826
A. C. attends the Mahoning Association Meeting Association meeting at Canfield, Ohio - Walter Scott attends with him, being his first visit to the association meeting. Memoirs, v.2, p.163,164

November, 1826
Makes his third visit to Kentucky; goes to Nashville, Tennessee. (1st trip to Tennessee.) This trip was taken for Mrs. Campbell’s health. Memoirs, v.2, p.168

Barton W. Stone begins the Christian Messenger in Georgetown, Kentucky

Winter, 1826
A. C. devotes every spare moment to the preparation of the translation of the New Testament that he would release in the spring of the following year.

A. C. visited Louisville/Indiana/Nashville, TN – Memoirs, v.2, p.168

Spring, 1827
A. C. publishes the George Campbell, Doddridge and Macknight translation of the New Testament, with notes and annotations; this publication he called “The Living Oracles.”

July, 1827
John Allen Gano baptized in Georgetown, Kentucky -

August, 1827
A. C. attends the Mahoning Association at Lisbon, Ohio, taking Walter Scott with him.

August 25, 1827
Walter Scott is elected evangelist by the Mahoning Association at Lisbon, Ohio to travel and labor among the churches of the Association.  (Preaches five steps: faith, repentance, baptism, remission of sins, Holy Spirit) (Memoirs, p. 357)

October 22, 1827
Margaret Campbell dies of Consumption (Tuberculosis) in her 36th year – (One “urban legend” is that she got sick as a result of living in the damp basement during the construction of an addition to the Campbell home eight years previous, but there is nothing historically to verify that assumption. She is buried in Campbell Cemetery #53

November 27, 1827
At New Lisbon, Ohio, Walter Scott baptized William Amend for the remission of his sins. The first person of the Disciples movement to be immersed for that purpose. (Memoirs, v.2, p.212)

Separation from the Baptists. Mahoning Assoc. dissolved.

January 24, 1828
Daughter Jane married Albert G. Ewing. They reside in Tennessee. She is 16 years old. (Memoirs, p.243)

July 31, 1828
A. C. married Selina H. Bakewell of Wellsburg, suggested by Margaret before her death. (Memoirs, p.243)

April 13-21, 1829
Debate with Robert Owen (social reformer and skeptic). (On day 6, when Owen had finished speaking he gave the rest of his time to A. C. It was his 22nd speech in which he spoke in all for 12 hours) Printed (A. C.'s 3rd Debate)

April 23, 1829
Margaret Bakewell Campbell (later Mrs. John O. Ewing) is born. She is the first daughter born to Selina and 9th child and 8th daughter born to A. C.

October 5, 1829
Delegate to Virginia Constitutional Convention with James Madison, James Monroe, and John Marshall. (Memoirs, V.2, p.310)

January 4, 1830
Began publication of Millennial Harbinger. (Continued publishing Christian Baptist for six months concurrently – Memoirs, V.2, p.285)

January 14, 1830
A final vote on state of slavery made at Constitutional Convention – Campbell’s western voters were defeated by the stronger representatives of the eastern representatives – Memoirs, v.2, p.312 – Campbell returns home after 2 ½ months in Richmond.

Spring, 1830
Tour to Cincinnati, Ohio and northern Kentucky, Mayslick, (Memoirs, v.2, p.330)

July 5, 1830
Last Issue Of Christian Baptist

August, 1830
Mahoning Baptist Association Dissolves at Austintown at the suggestion of John Henry and brethren. AC in attendance along with Walter Scott. Continual annual meetings take place but only in an advisory level, not legislative at the suggestion of AC. (Memoirs, v.2.,p.327f)

Stillwater Baptist Association Dissolves – meeting the Friday before the third Sunday in the month. Continual annual meetings take place but only in an advisory level, not legislative. (Memoirs, v.2, p.329)

Tues. October 26th, 1830
Tour to Ohio, Kentucky & Tennessee, (Memoirs, p.330, MH, V.1, p.553, v.2. p.27) (2nd of 7 trips to Tennessee) Preaches in Zanesville, Oh; Wilmington, Clinton County (Meets Aylett Raines, Arthur Crifield and Samuel Rogers); Cynthiana, Leesburg, Georgetown, Frankfort (stays with Governor Metcalfe, whose wife was a church member), Versailles, Lexington (sees B.W. Stone, Jacob Creath, Sr., Dr. Fishback, eats with Dr. Woods president of Transylvania Univeristy), Athens, Nicholasville, Harrodsburg, Danville, Columbia, Glasgow, Bowling Green, KY; then Nashville, TN

December 10, 1830
Accompanied by Jacob Creath, Jr. Delivers lesson in Nashville, Tennessee. Presbyterian, Obadiah Jennings present. (Memoirs, p.338)

December 25, 1830
Debate with Obadiah Jennings, minister of the Presbyterian church in Nashville. (Memoirs, p.339ff)  (A. C.'s 4th Debate)

December 28, 1830
Departs Nashville (Memoirs, p.343)

Series of 7 articles on "Cooperation of Churches" led to organization of “cooperation meetings” through 1830's.

January 17, 1831
Maria Louisa Campbell married Robert Yates Henley. They have children Thomas Meekins, who was married to Priscilla Ragby. Other children include Jane Caroline, Robert Yates, and Alexander Campbell

January 26, 1831
AC crosses the Ohio at Maysville, Kentucky (Memoirs, p.343)

February 3, 1831
Arrives home from southern tour of 1400 miles by land for one hundred days. (Memoirs, p.343)

February, 1831
Published a 12-page tract in MH & in separate tract Exposing Mormonism – February 1831 issue of MH, the pub. As tract. (Memoirs, p.348).

June, 1831
AC makes a 22 day preaching trip through Northern Ohio, preached 18 discourses, baptized 27 people. The main focus was to expose the fallacies of Mormonism. (Memoirs, p.348)

August, 1831
AC attends the annual meeting at New Lisbon, Ohio. Main subject was the support of someone to preach full time, how it could be done Scripturally. (Memoirs, p.352)

October 24, 1831
Alexander Campbell, Jr. is born. He is the 2nd child and 1st son of Selina, & the 10th child and 2nd son of A. C. (Memoirs, p.361)

By end of yr, 1831
AC had spent most of year away from home, baptizing around 200 people. (Memoirs, p.361)

January 1, 1832
Merger of Campbell and Stone movements, Lexington, KY. / Bethany Congregation established (discussed beg. Memoirs, p.370)

March 4, 1832
First meeting of church in Richmond, VA, in the capitol building, with 68 members – Thomas Campbell preached the first sermon. (Memoirs, p.363,364)

October 4, 1833
Trip To Virginia – Arrived at Richmond the 24th. Conducted meeting of 16 congregations from Fredericksburg to the sea. He is traveling with B.F. Hall, Thomas Campbell, Maria and Eliza are with him along with Maria’s new husband R.Y. Henley (Memoirs. p.389)

November 30, 1833
Arrived in New York – first visit since 1815

December 5, 1833
Spoke to Skeptics at Tammany Hall, in NY

December 12, 1833
Arrived in Philadelphia / At Musical Fund Hall on the 29th

January 8, 1834
Arrive at Bethany after 1700 mile trip

January 24, 1834
Virginia Anne Campbell (later Thompson) 3rd child, and 2nd daughter of Selina, and 11th child and 9th daughter of A. C.

June 24, 1834
Jane Caroline Ewing, 22 years old & oldest child of A. C. dies at Bethany. She and family had moved back to Bethany from Nashville, and she developed a bad cold that awaken the disease that killed her mother, Consumption. She left a husband, Albert G. Ewing, and small children behind. Buried at God’s Acre #71. (Memoirs, p.394). 4th child of A. C. to die. Ewing later remarries and dies in Eureka, Illinois.

Hymn Book produced bearing the names of A. C. & Barton W. Stone, J.T. Johnson, Walter Scott printed by Bethany Press. The 1st printing sold 6000 copies quickly, three editions followed, further contributing to unity of movement

D.S. Burnet published the 1st edition of the total work of the Christian Baptist

Robert Richard joins the editorial staff of Millennial Harbinger

“Christianity Restored” – released by Albert G. Ewing & James T. McVay. It was A. C.’s systematic theology explained. Campbell did not like the title. The following editions bore the name, “The Christian System” in 1839

February 25, 1835
A. C. sets out for Nashville on a 75 Days Tour with daughter, Lavinia accompanies him (river voyage - Ohio-Cumberland Rivers) – arrives 12 days later – Meets Tolbert Fanning – Visits Andrew Jackson at Hermitage. It had burned in 1834, and had been rebuilt. Got ideas for additions to his own Bethany home. (Memoirs, p.399 & MH, 1835, p.277).

March, 1835
Monthly issue of British Millennial Harbinger began appearing in Britain by William Jones – Introducing writings of A. C. to the people of Britain

March 30, 1835
Sailed out of Nashville with Tolbert Fanning heading to Louisville, (Cumberland-Ohio Rivers) , (MH, 1835, p.331)

April 3, 1835
Arrived at Louisville – accompanied by Tolbert Fanning – days ahead through southern Indiana (New Albany & Jeffersonville, MH 1835, p.331),

April 9, 1835

Madmen, General Stapp (MH, 1835, p.332)

April 11, 1835

Arrived in Cincinnati, "From Cincinnati we passed into Kentucky, left the river, and visited Georgetown, Choctaw Academy, Frankfort, Lexington, Paris, Mount Sterling, May’s Lick, Washington, and Maysville. (MH, 1835, p.332)

April 28, 1835
Jane Corneigle Campbell, A. C.’s mother, died at the home of her daughter Jane McKeever

May 10, 1835
A. C. arrived back home in Bethany, after 54 days of speaking on a 75 days tour, baptizing forty-five (MH, 1835, p.333)

June 4, 1835
John Brown died, Margaret’s father, in his 74th

“The Christian Preacher’s Companion” published – 1st ed.

Building Of Dining Hall extension & A. C.’s Study at Bethany Home – This is according to Historical Marker in front of the Study. However, in speaking with Felicity Ruggiero, curator of the Bethany Mansion, the Dining Hall was started as early at 1832.

May, 1836
In May issue of MH, Robert Richardson is announced as assisting in the editing of Millennial Harbinger, on page 231; A. C.’s name is shown as “Editor” until the end of the year. In January, 1837 A. C.’s name is not shown as Editor, instead it declares “Conducted By Alexander Campbell.” However Richardson is Co-Editor of the paper.

May 30, 1836
Trip to New England accompanied by Tolbert Fanning & J. Taffe of Wilmington, Ohio. Sent reports of trip to MH under heading, “Notes On Tour To The Northeast”

June, 1836
AC conducted a 4-day debate with a skeptic, Dr. Underhill. Held in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. After debate he traveled on Lake Erie to New York. The debate was on the “ultimate termination of two hopes – that of immortality, and that of eternal sleep.” --Early History of the Disciples in the Western Reserve, Ohio, A.S. Hayden, p.418. (Unpublished) (A. C.'s 5th Debate)

June 12, 1836
Arrived in Buffalo, NY, many too busy to listen,

July, 1836
Sued by Dr. William Sleigh for damages caused, “to his faith.” A. C.’s lawyers worked a settlement out of court

Aug. 30, 1836
Returned to Bethany after trip through NY, Penn., Maryland, he had been gone for 94 days from Bethany having delivered 93 discourses, averaging 1 hour 20 minutes in length, & travelling 2000 miles

October 3, 1836
In Cincinnati, OH, addressing College Of Professional Teachers on the influence of morality in education. Used Martin Luther and Protestant Reformation as basis of period of Enlightenment and developing the view of morality’s connection with education. A young Catholic Bishop John B. Purcell was in the audience and took exception. Led to later confrontation in debate the following year.

November 10, 1836
Bacon College begins with 40-45 students in Georgetown, Kentucky, though classes do not begin until Monday, the 14th – A. C. supports in the pages of the MH the following year

December 22, 1836
At 23 yrs old., Eliza Ann Campbell, (2nd child of A. C. & Margaret) marries John C. Campbell – They have one child, Victoria Huntington who later is buried in Campbell Cemetery - #67

January 13-21, 1837
Debate with Catholic Bishop John B. Purcell in Cincinnati, OH (A. C.'s 6th Debate)

June 24, 1837
Birth of Wickliffe Ewing Campbell – He is Selina’s 4th child and 2nd son. He is A. C.’s 12th child and 3rd son of A. C.

September, 1837
Lunenburg Letters published in M.H.


Written debate with Dolphus Skinner on the subject of Endless Misery and Universal Salvation, published in 1840 C.C.P. Grosh (A. C.'s 7th Debate)

Publishing of Christian Baptist, and Living Oracles were published in Great Britain

October 8, 1838
Tour of the South began – took daughter, Lavinia & Joseph Henley (MH, 1839, p.7) While at Charlottesville, VA, visiting the campus of the University of Virginia, Lavinia meets a young student by the name of William K. Pendleton, later her husband.

Nov 25, 1838
Arrive in Augusta, GA – Speaks in area thru the end of year

January 7, 1839
Sets out for Montgomery, Alabama

January 16
Boards the Tapaloosa and travels down the Alabama River to Mobile; Also back home, A. C.’s sister Alicia (Mrs. M.S. Clapp), dies of an extended illness at the McKeever home. Buried near her mother in God’s Acre (Memoirs Vol. 2, page 462)

March 28, 1839
Arrives back in Bethany – having travelled 5000 miles into the south and back in the course of six months. Went through Virginia, the Carolinas (MH,1839, p.111-112), Georgia (MH,1839, p.114-115), Alabama (in Montgomery, MH, 1839, p.116,193), Louisiana (In New Orleans, MH, 1839, p.197,198), Mississippi (In Jackson, MH, 1839, p.199) & Kentucky (Louisville, MH, 1839, p.264,265, Shelbyville, Lexington MH, 1839, p.308f) = preached nearly every day (MH, 1839, p.312.)

July 9, 1839
Eliza Ann Campbell Campbell (Mrs. John C. Campbell), second daughter of A. C. & Margaret’s dies of a lingering illness in Wellsburg, VA. – The 5th child of A. C. to die.  She is buried in Campbell Cemetery #68. (Memoirs Vol. 2, page 462) Another child named Victoria Hunter is buried next to her in #67.

Elegant 5th edition of Campbell’s N.T. was released by Forrester & Campbell

2nd ed. Of “Christianity Restored” released under title, “The Christian System”

October, 1839
Issue of Millennial Harbinger announces a new institution around four area: the combination of the family, the primary school, the college & the church in on great system of education – The announcement of the beg. Of Bethany College

End Of Year, 1839
Six-Week; 1200 mile “Excursion” to Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana – Reports in MH, 1840, p.30

March 2, 1840
Formal existence of Bethany College took place when the commonwealth of Virginia, by act of the General Assembly, granted a “liberal charter” for the establishment at or near Bethany, in the county of Brooke . . .named Bethany College

May 11, 1840
First meeting of Board of Trustees of Bethany College 9 of the 18 trustees present.

Construction of “Stranger’s Hall” – Because of so many guests visiting the Bethany home. – Included an ornate sitting room with two bedrooms off the rear. Expensive Italian wallpaper added, like what he saw in Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage when he visited there in Spring, 1835.

June, 1840
Trip to Charlottesville, VA for the general meeting of the Disciples to assess the state of the Reformation & promote education – 56 congregations represented

September 18, 1840
2nd Meeting of the Board Of Trustees – Alexander Campbell formally named president of the college. (Memoirs, p.

October 12, 1840
Decima Hemens Campbell (later Barclay), Selina’s 5th child and 3rd daughter, & A. C.’s 13th child and 10th daughter. When he chose her name he said, “Augustus Caesar only had his Octavia, but I have my Decima.”

October 14, 1840
Lavinia marries William Kimbrough Pendleton of Virginia. Their daughter Alexandria Campbellina is buried in God’s Acre - #83

February 1, 1841
Departs on a 2000 mile to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky & Tennessee – spoke 60 times. – Returned to Bethany after 75 days – Spoke on Education  & Bethany College Specifically - (3rd of 7 trips to Tennessee)

May 10, 1841
Second Annual Meeting of Board of Trustees of Bethany College

Sept 2, 1841
Daughter, Lavinia gives birth to A. C.’s granddaughter, Alexandria Campbellina Pendleton. Called her “Cammie” – She later became the first female faculty member, and considered herself the twin of Bethany College.

Sept 11, 1841
Maria Louisa Campbell Henley (Mrs. Robert Yates Henley) dies – 3rd daughter & 3rd child of A. C. & Margaret Campbell. She is buried in Campbell Cemetery #64 -

November 1, 1841
1st Session of Bethany College – 102 boys enrolled from Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri, Louisiana, New York, & Canada

Series of 16 articles on “The Nature of the Christian Organization.” Ending June, 1843

Welsh Version of Living Oracles appeared in Wales being translated by John Williams /Campbell-Owen Debate/MacCalla Debate were published in GB

June/July, 1842
Seven week tour to Kentucky speaking on Education & Reformation principles in general. Report in October MH. P.446-452

August 16, 1842
Returns from Kentucky, Quick makes his way to Ohio for another trip.

October – mid-December, 1842
Tour to the Eastern States – Richmond/Charlottesville, Va then Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, & New York

February 9, 1843
1st Tragedy at Bethany College – William Stamps, 17 year old student from Mississippi died by concussion of the brain caused by a fall while ice skating on the Buffalo. He was the nephew of Jefferson Davis – Wrather, p.123-125

The Christian System – published in London & Edinburgh. Dundee Herald Noted: “We hail this work as the advent of better times. No man of his age has done more for genuine Christianity, and no man has been more vilified than Mr. Campbell. (Wrather, vol.3, p.57)

November 11, 1843
William Pendleton Campbell is born. He was the 6th child and 3rd son born to Selina, and 14th child and 4rd son born to A. C. He is the baby of the family.  Of the 14 children, only 7 were living at the time of William’s birth. (Campbell Mansion Family Room Wall Photo and inscription)

November 15-December 3, 1843
18-Day Debate with Presbyterian, N. L. Rice; Henry Clay was moderator. At Main St. church in Lexington, Kentucky (A. C.'s 8th Debate)

February, 1845
A. C. begins a series of articles, “Our Position To American Slavery”

March 10, 1845
Tour to the South: Baltimore, MD; Frederickburg, Caroline, Smyrna, King William, Richmond, VA; Wilmington, NC; Charleston, SC; Augusta, GA; then backtracking back toward Bethany arriving on the evening of the 10th of May, 2500 mile trip

July/August, 1845
Two week trip at end of July with Selina to White Sulphur Springs for a vacation

August, 1845
William Pendleton named V.P. of Bethany College

October/November, 1845
Tour of the Far West: Indiana/Illinois/Missouri – Reports in MH, Feb/Apr/May 1846: Over 7000 miles total for the year

May 29, 1846
Lavinia McGregor Campbell Pendleton (Mrs. W.K. Pendleton) dies. She is the 4th child and daughter of A. C. & Margaret Campbell. She dies in her 29th year – The seventh child of A. C. to die before his death. She is buried in Campbell Cemetery #41

At 17 years old, Margaret Bakewell Campbell, (1st of Selina and 9th of A. C.) marries John O. Ewing. She has a child who was buried in Campbell Cemetery – Alexander Overton – In plot #36

April 22, 1847
A. C. departs for Great Britain, carried a letter of introduction by Henry Clay saying A. C. was among “the most eminent citizens in America.”

May 3, 1847
Boarded a ship out of NY for G.B. – the Siddons, at sea for 25 days, less than half the time it took to come to America in 1809 – Arrived in Liverpool, England

Aug. 5, 1847
Entered Scotland on the very day he had departed its shores 38 years before to go to America in 1809

Aug. 31, 1847
Tuesday, Mr. James Robertson, of the Anti-Slavery Society of Scotland brought a formal charge of slander before the Sheriff of Lanarkshire against A. C. – asking for £5000 in damages

September 4, 1847
Saturday, at 4 p.m. - A. C. & Selina's son, Wycliffe, drowned in Buffalo Creek at 10 years old – Lived 10 years, 2 months, and 11 days. He was Selina’s 1st child to die and A. C.’s 8th. Though A. C. knew nothing of it until the day he returned to America, he was said to have awakened that morning with a “strange and unaccountable sense of foreboding.” (EJW,v3-p.168) He is buried in Campbell Cemetery #37

September 6, 1847
Monday - A. C. arrested, taken into custody, placed in “this North Prison on Duke Street, Glasgow’s Bridewell for untried prisoners” within sight of his old alma mater, Glasgow College (EJW,v3-p.169)

September 11, 1847
Saturday - A. C.’s friends pay his bond, and he is released. “After six days he yielded to his friends, allowing security to be placed on his behalf.” (EJW,v3-p.169)

September 12, 1847
A. C. celebrated his 59th birthday.

September 13, 1847
High Court throws out the Robertson case

September 17, 1847
A. C. in Ireland

September 24, 1847
A. C. in Newry, County Down, only there a few hours, (Memoirs, v.2, p.568)

October 1, 1847
Returned to Chester, England for cooperation meeting involving 26 congregations from England, Wales & Scotland

October 5, 1847
Embarks on the Cambria for home

October 19, 1847
Arrives in Boston Harbor, receives news of the death of Wycliffe. (Memoirs, v.2, p. 573) See Notes below on April, 1867 under W.T. Moore’s summary on how these events affected AC’s life.

May 22, 1848
Ann Marie Bakewell, the mother of Selina, died at the age of 77 years, laid to rest in God’s Acre

Same day, Selina’s daughter, Margaret Ewing, gave birth to a son, Alexander Overton – He was pale and sickly

July 26, 1848
Clarinda, daughter of A. C. married William K. Pendleton  She was 27 years old.

October 22, 1848
Margaret Bakewell Campbell Ewing (Mrs. J.O. Ewing) died of consumption, burial in God’s Acre. It was the same day her namesake, A. C.’s first wife, Margaret died in 1827. She was Selina’s second child to die, and A. C.’s 9th. She was buried in Campbell Cemetery #35 Her son Alexander, is buried next to her.

American Christian Missionary Society organized. Campbell did not attend convention in Cincinnati but was elected President of ACMS.

December 6, 1849
Tour to the South – Wellsburg, down Ohio R. to Cincinnati & to Kentucky

March 12, 1850
Returned from tour

End Of May, 1850
To Baltimore, MD then to Washington D.C.

June 2, 1850
Speaks to a joint session of Congress, Washington D.C. On Divine Philanthropy in contrast with Patriotism and Human Friendship, using John 3:16 as text, lecture was 1½ hours

October, 1850
To New York to give first annual address of the American Bible Union – The account of the address appeared on the front page of the New York Daily Tribune

End of October, 1850
40 day tour of Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana with daughter Virginia. While in Indiana, Opened in prayer the Convention for renewing state convention – the governor of state and 150 delegates present

November 27, 1850
Returned to Bethany

January 10, 1851
Clarinda Campbell Pendleton, 6th child and 6th daughter of Margaret Brown died of a protracted illness. After only 2 ½ years of marriage to W.K. Pendleton. She had given birth to 2 children, William Campbell (married Helen King Austin) & and a daughter Lavinia. Lavinia died 12 days later and buried next to her mother in #42B. Clarinda was A. C.’s 10th child to die, only four left. She is buried in Campbell Cemetery #42A

May, 1851
A. C. attends state meeting in Ohio

July, 1851
A. C., Jr. graduates from Bethany

September, 1851
2 Week trip to New York

October, 1851
Wrote that instrumental music was like "a cow bell in a concert.” MH, October, 1851, p. 582

August, 1851
MH announces that Christian Baptism: With Its Antecedents And Consequents is at the printers, soon released, p.473

December 17, 1851
A. C. made a trip to Memphis, Tennessee to speak at a Bible Translation Convention, MH, 1851, p.718, MH, 1852, p.57 – Presented lecture on 26th. (4th of 7 trips to Tennessee)

Designs and builds Bethany Church of Christ building

February, 1852
A. C. attended a Bible Union meeting in Memphis, Tennessee. James Challen and Bro. Pettigrew accompany him. (Memoirs, p.593ff)

October 28, 1852
Departs for Tour to Far West: Missouri to secure endowment for a chair in Bethany College – 76 days away from Bethany, 2800 miles, See MH 1853, reports in first three issues.

December 30, 1852
Alexander Campbell, Jr. marries Mary Anna Purvis of Louisiana, Memoirs, v.2,608

May, 1853
1600 mile trip to the East through Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania & returning through Ohio

September, 1853
Attended state convention in Kentucky – Speaks on church edification – (Memoirs, p.599).

October 15, 1853
Left for two Month Trip to Illinois, MH, 1853, p.689, 707, 1854, p.40. Three reports

January 4, 1854
AC’s father, Thomas, dies at Bethany at just 28 days shy of his 91st birthday. – Laid to rest beside wife who died in 1835, almost 20 years before. Memoirs, v.2,604

November 20, 1854
AC departs Bethany for Nashville, by rail from Wheeling to Louisville, then stage to Bolling Green & to Nashville, arriving on the 25th. MH, 1855, p.102. (5th of 7 trips to Tennessee)

November 25, 1854
AC arrives in Nashville, staying in the home of John O. Ewing. MH, 1855,p102

November 26, 1854
Sunday morning begins his orations in the largest church building in the state of Tennessee to overflowing crowds of all denominations in the Methodist Episcopal church building. Speaks that morning on faith, Heb. 11:1. That evening to overflow crowds on Post-Mortem Gospel. Does so consistently, the next five nights, through Friday night. MH,155,103./ & Memoirs v.2,608,609

November 27-December 1, 1854
Meetings five nights at Cherry Street church where JB Ferguson is the preacher. However Ferguson never shows up. MH,1855,105 / Memoirs v.2,612

December 2, 1854
Saturday night he speaks at Franklin College. Young women from Mrs. Fanning’s school and those from

December 3, 1854
Sunday, Breakfast at Franklin College, then to Nashville to fill three appointments that day at Cherry Street church. MH,1855,106

December 4, 1854
At Murfreesboro speaking at a Baptist College. Memoirs,v2,612

December 5-25, 1854
Makes his way home through Hopkinsville where he preaches six days. On to Louisville, then to Indianapolis for two lectures, then home after 30 days away. Memoirs, v.2,612

February, 1855
A. C. comments in the M.H. on Jeremiah Jeter’s book, “Campbellism Examined.” Memoirs, v.2,p612

Spring, 1855
A. C. translates and submits the Book of Acts to the American Bible Union in view of its addition of a translation update

May, 1855
Trip to Chicago to speak to the American Bible Union

July 26, 1855
Set out for Canada with Selina & Decima

November, 1855
Disturbance at Bethany College over three students who were promoting Abolitionist propaganda, ending in 5 students’ dismissal. The stir caused national and international notice in the press

November, 1855
Trip into eastern Virginia with Selina. Returns on New Years Day

February 10, 1857
Attended Wool-Growers Convention in Steubenville, Ohio. A. C. was one of the foremost wool growers in the U.S. He was appointed chairman. Also present was a man nationally acclaimed Abolitionist, John Brown of Harper’s Ferry, Va, who within three years would hanged (December 2, 1859)

February 26, 1857
Tour Through South To Secure Endowment Funds for Bethany College, attended with A. C. Jr. Reports in MH, p. 309, 502,

November 5, 1857
Sends report to MH speaking of tour in Illinois, MH, p.704

December 10, 1857
Bethany College Building Burns – 2 am – A. C.’s greatest sorrow was the loss of the library, of which had most of he and his father’s books, some of which he brought to America when he came there in 1809.

December 20, 1857
A. C., w/Selina & Decima are in Washington, D.C. He preaches in the presence of President James Buchanan & several of his cabinet, along with many members of both houses of congress; in the Baptist meetinghouse.

December 22, 1857
Visits the White House to share evening with President Buchanan

December 23, 1857
To Baltimore, Md

December 26, 1857
To Philadelphia, then to N.Y

January, 1858
Sets off with W.K. Pendleton to tour the south to raise money for a new college building.

March, 1858
Passes through Danville, KY, Nashville, TN, and on to Mississippi - (Memories, v.2, p.635) (6th of 7 trips to Tennessee)

May 31, 1858
Cornerstone of New Building Laid – Entire Structure not complete until 1872

Fall, 1858
Attends and speaks at the annual meeting of ACMS

Winter, 1858
Tour of the East with Selina

Spring, 1859
Another tour of the South. Selina with him to Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, & Louisiana. (Memoirs, p.640,1) (7th-last trip to Tennessee)

September 29, 1859
Tour to the west, St. Louis. Lasts 72 days, returned on December 9, MH, 1860, p.109

AC delivers his Lectures on the Pentateuch. They were recorded by a stenographer, and later (1867 – a year after AC’s death) produced in a book entitled, Lectures on the Pentateuch, by W.T. Moore. See notes below under April, 1867 as to the mental strength of AC at this time.

Fall, 1860
Delivers regular address as president of the ACMS in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Memoirs, p.641)

December, 1860
Tour of Indiana. Selina accompanies him.  2000 mile trip. (Memoirs, p.641)

Musical Instruments added to worship at Midway, Kentucky

April 23, 1861
Walter Scott dies in Kentucky of typhoid pneumonia

October, 1861
A. C. travels to Cincinnati to attend ACMS annual mtng.

December, 1861
Publishes his Life of Thomas Campbell, announced in MH, 1860, p.714

December 12, 1861
Dorothea Campbell Bryant, A. C.’s sister, and wife of Joseph Bryant, died at Indianapolis. She was 69 yrs. Old. Body removed to God’s Acre, Bethany. Left A. C. with one brother, Archibald, and sister Mrs. McKeever, (Memoirs, p.646).

Due to war, MH is reduced from 60 pages to 48. (Memoirs, p. 646).

May, 1862
A. C. makes short trip to Ohio to address Ohio State Convention

August, 1862
A trip to Illinois

September, 1862
A trip to New York – Missionary Society meeting in Auburn. (Memoirs, p.646).

November 18, 1862
Margaret Ellen Campbell marries at Bethany

April 7, 1863
Decima Campbell marries John Judson Campbell

April 7, 1863
Long-time friend William Hayden dies, and buried in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, (Memoirs, p.646).

October, 1863
A. C. traveled to Cincinnati to attend the annual ACMS meeting

October 27, 1863
29 year old, Virginia Campbell (Selina’s 3rd & A. C.’s 11th) marries William R. Thompson, a lawyer of Louisville. (Memoirs, p.647).

October, 1864
Went to ACMS meeting in Cincinnati

May, 1865
A. C. & Selina make a trip to Louisville

Relinquishes control of Millennial Harbinger / W.K. Pendleton becomes editor

September 19, 1865
Alex Campbell receives a presidential pardon from president Andrew Johnson for the charges he had incurred as a soldier of the Confederate Army

Mid December, 1865
A. C. preaches his last sermon from Ephesians 1

January, 1866
Confined to house because of a heavy cold

February 25, 1866
Confined to bed

March 4, 1866
11:45pm – Alexander Campbell dies at Bethany, West Virginia – Buried in Campbell Cemetery

April, 1867
Lectures on the Pentateuch by A. C. released by W.T. Moore. It was a series of lectures given by A. C. between 1859,1860 that were taken down by a stenographer. There is a biographical sketch that appears beginning on page 9. – On page 38, reference is made to the events of 1847, visit to Scotland and the stroke of the death of his son Wycliffe upon his return, “It is said by those who were near him, that Alexander Campbell never was equal to himself after this stroke; but it was long before the admiring world perceived any change.” See other comments on page 58 concerning AC’s stability in 1859.

July 7, 1870
William P. Campbell (6th of Selina and 14th of A. C.) married Nannie Cochrane.

June 28, 1897
Selina Huntington Bakewell Campbell, second wife of A. C., died in Bethany, W.V. She had survived her husband 31 years. She is buried next to A. C. in Campbell Cemetery #52

September 25, 1906
Alexander Campbell, Jr. dies at Bethany, WV, and is buried in Campbell Cemetery #290. His wife, Mary Anna Purvis is buried next to him in #291. Alexander was A. C.’s 2nd son, and 10th child, and 11th child to die. He, along with Virginia, William and Decima succeeded A. C.,Sr. in death.

March 6, 1908
Virginia A. Campbell Thompson dies. She was the 12th child of A. C. and 4th of Selina to die (1st after her mother died). She is buried in Campbell Cemetery #10

April 29, 1917
William P. Campbell dies in Wellsburgh, WV. He is the 13th child of A. C. and 5th of Selina to die. He is the only child of A. C. not buried in Campbell Cemetery. His burial was at Brooke County Cemetery in the Cochrane family plot.

May 4, 1920
Decima Campbell Barclay, dies. She was the last child of A. C. and Selina to die. She is buried in the Campbell Cemetery #33 beside her husand John Judson Barclay in #34. All their children and their mates were buried there as well.

Sources: Christian Baptist, Millennial Harbinger, Memoirs of Alexander Campbell, by Robert Richardson,
Also, Alexander Campbell, Adventurer in Freedom – Volumes I, II, III, by Eva Jean Wrather

References Above:
EJW = Alexander  Campbell, Adventurer in Freedom – Vols. 1,2,3
Memoirs = Memoirs of Alexander Campbell – Volumes 1,2
MH = Millennial Harbinger
CB = Christian Baptist

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