History of the Restoration Movement

Light From Above

Alexander Campbell's Study

Built in 1832 by Louis Hobbs

The Hexagonal Building 100 Feet West Of The Campbell Mansion
Where Hours Each Day Alexander Campbell Spent
In Study Of God's Word

The structure was built by Louis Hobbs, Friend Of Alexander Campbell

From The Study Back Toward The Mansion

It Is Stated That Campbell Never Sat While Studying, But Stood
Yet Photographs Have Been Found Showing The Sage Of Bethany
Sitting At A Desk Within The Small Office

"No more impressive sight was seen than Mr. Campbell's
octagonal brick study which stands in the yard a
short distance from the house. It was built by Louis
Hobbs in 1832, and here Mr. Campbell did much of his
reading, writing, and meditating. The building is so constructed
that Mr. Campbell might sit with his back to the
only large window, his feet toward the fireplace in the
small alcove, and, when he lifted his eyes, the only way
he would see out of the building was through the skylight-
truly his light came from above. The walls of
this octagonal study were lined with the finest and best
books of his day, and in the rear was his large chair with
the arm table. These quarters were a tryst where Mr.
Campbell met the great minds of the past; it was here
that he wrestled with the great tasks which fell upon his
shoulders and made decisions which reach out into eternity
in their influence upon thousands of people. Truly
we stood upon holy ground!"

- George W. Dehoff, Gospel Advocate May 16, 1940, page 459

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