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Our Departed
Firm Foundation Obituary

Horton—Brother J. Henry Horton, beloved preacher of the Spring and Blaine congregation, St. Louis, Missouri, passed to his heavenly reward this seventh day of January, 1935.

Brother Horton was dearly loved by all the faithful at Spring and Blain, having served in the capacity of preacher for the past seven years. His Lord's day lessons were both timely and well presented, and he left St. Louis with a work that will never die. He is survived by his wife, and three sons: Norman, David Tolbert, and John.

Though he has left this congregation with sadness in our hearts because of our love for him, we owe this praise to his name. Never has Brother Horton failed to stand firmly in the faith, and preached the word forcefully and with simplicity, opposing factions in the scriptural way, comforting the sorrowful with words of kindness, and visiting the sick and afflicted regularly, and presented the lessons for weekday Bible classes with untiring effort, and they were well attended.

A splendid teacher, and we are sad to give him up, but God has prepared an eternal rest for his faithful servant. May God's richest blessings and comfort rest on the bereaving family.

'Tis sad to lose a friend so true,
And lonesome are the paths we tread,
But glorious is the reward of heav'n
That he has taught, and we have read.

He faced the world, and preached the Word.
And never backed, when factions flamed.
Giving the world not a chance to say
He was not faithful to the faith he claimed.

'Tis Brother Horton's words, that ne'er shall die,
'Tis all his comfort, that we can't forget,
'Tis only the factious that has the sorrows
Because of the discords that they'll regret.

But Spring and Blain as a group, the faithful.
Present this memoir, of their esteem.
Heaven and all its glories, bright and shining
Has become for him a reality. Eternity gleams!"

-Harry M. Cheek, 3945 Lafayette Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, Firm Foundation, January 28, 1936, page 7.

Excerpt From N.B.H.
Biography of N.B. Hardeman

-N. B. H.: Biography of N. B. Hardeman, page 227, noting that N. B. Hardeman preached J. H. Horton's funeral in St. Louis, before the body was sent to his home in Hanceville, Alabama for burial. This shows the kind of respect weilded by brother Horton in the brotherhood. As there were several gospel meetings with N.B. Hardeman where brother Horton preached, and also his going and preaching brother Horton's funeral on January 8th, 1936, it demonstrates how much he was loved by brother Hardeman. In addition, his care for the congregation by returning to preach there two Sundays at the end of the month is also impressive.

Directions To The Grave of J. Henry Horton

J. H. Horton is buried in the Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery in Hanceville, Alabama.

From Birmingham: Take I-65 north to Exit 287, Hwy 31, the Bee Line Hwy. Go 15.6 miles on Hwy. 31, and turn right on Section Line Rd. NE. Go about half a mile and you will see the rear of the cemetery on the left. Go to the sixth entrance and turn into the cemetery. Just inside the cemetery, look to your right and the Horton plot will be just to the right. There are four graves in the plot. J.H. Horton's wives are buried on either side of him, and his son is just next to him between he and his first wife. See phots below. Also buried in the cemetery is the grave of another gospel preacher, Howard Patrick Horton and his family.

From Cullman: Go south on Hwy. 31/2nd Ave. SW, and go 7.2 miles. Turn left on Co. Rd. 581/Hopewell Dr. NE. Go..5 miles and the cemetery will be on your right. It is best to not enter the cemetery at the church. Just continue to the very end of Hopewell Dr. and turn right. Enter the first drive into the cemetery on the right, and as you go up into the cemetery, begin looking just to your right. There are four graves in the plot. J. H. Horton's wives are buried on either side of him, and his son is just next to him between he and his first wife. See phots below. Also buried in the cemetery is the grave of another gospel preacher, Howard Patrick Horton and his family. Also, buried here is a long-time co-laborer with brother Horton, Elder M. A. Creel.

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Entering From The Rear Of The Cemetery, The Horton Family Plot Is One Of The First Plots You Come To

Esther E.
Wife Of
J.H. Horton
October 15, 1889
August 24, 1911

All is dark within our dwelling
Lonely are our hearts today
For the one we loved so dearly
Has forever passed away.

Robert Byron
Son of
J. H. & M. V. Horton
May 13, 1919
May 6, 1921
Gone, but not forgotten

Myrtle Hagood Horton
September 10, 1885
September 7, 1973
She was faithful to every duty

J. Henry Horton
June 17, 1878
January 7, 1936
He was faithful to every duty.

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