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Minister's Monthly Sketch - Goodpasture
Chronology Of the Life Of Howard Horton
Transitions Reported In The Firm Foundation
Minister's Monthly Cover - 1963
Obituary For Midred E. Gladney Horton
Obituary For Howard Horton
Directions To H.P. Horton's Grave
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A Minister's Monthly Sketch in 1963

Howard Horton is Professor of Religion at Pepperdine College and a preacher of the gospel in Los Angeles. He was born August 4, 1917 in Hanceville, Alabama, baptized in 1931 by Pride E. Hinton and married the former Mildred E. Gladney in 1938. They have two daughters, Angela and Ann.

He began preaching in 1936 in western Kentucky. Brother Horton attended David Lipscomb College and holds the A.B. degree from Pepperdine College and the B.D. degree from Vanderbilt Divinity School. Through the years he has done local work in the following areas: Bessemer, Alabama, 1939-42; Baltimore, Maryland, 1943-49; Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1949-52; Nashville, Tennessee, 1955-58. The Horton family went as missionaries to Nigeria, West Africa in 1952 and returned to the states in 1954. The booklet, "Breaking Down Barriers Among Catholics," was written by Brother Horton in 1947, while he was laboring in Baltimore. He is also a regular contributor to the Twentieth Century Christian.

Brother Horton is a very humble and dedicated man. It was my pleasure to be a fellow student with him at Vanderbilt, and during that period of association I came to admire him as a Christian gentleman and as a capable scholar. Certainly with his devotion and ability he will make a major contribution to the Lord's work on the West Coast.

-J. Cliett Goodpasture, Minister's Monthly, May, 1963, page 445.
Note: This is a timed piece. Some of those enlisted as living may be now deceased.

Chronology Of The Life Of Howard Horton

Aug. 4
Howard Horton was born in Hanceville, Alabama to Linus E. & Susie Patrick Horton

Nov. 24
Mildred E. Gladney was born in Hanceville, Alabama, GA, 03.1992, 28

Aug. 4
Baptized by Pryde E. Hinton at Hanceville, Alabama, POT,v.1,168

Mildred Gladney is valedictorian of Hanceville High School, GA, 03.1992, 28

H.H. began preaching in Fairview, Kentucky, POT,v.1,168

H.H. receives A.A. from David Lipscomb College

Dec. 23
H.H. married Mildred Gladney in Hanceville, Alabama, GA, 03.1992, 28

Attends Lipscomb College, graduates from George Pepperdine in 1939 with A.B. Finished with B.D. at Vanderbilt, POT,v.1,168

Preaches for the church in Bessemer, Alabama. Did radio work on WJLD in Bessemer daily, POT,v.1,168

Preaches for the church in Baltimore, Maryland. Did radio work on WCBM, WBAL daily, POT,v.1,168

Daughter, Angela is born, later Angela Horton Atchison, POT, v.2,207

Daughter, Ann Crystal is born, later Ann Crystal Horton Schellenberg. POT, v.2,207

Several reports were sent in by HH who was then the preacher for the church in Baltimore, Maryland, FF

Advertisement for Tract, "Breaking Down Barriers Among Catholics" by Howard Horton. Order from Howard Horton, Baltimore, Maryland – written in 1947. GA, 1948, 03.04.240

Art. In FF by HH on the work in Maryland – 5 congregations in Maryland at that time. FF, 1949, 07.05.05

Announcement that HH was leaving the work in Baltimore, Maryland with 150 members to move to Chattanooga to work with the Ridgeland church. While there he preached daily on WDOD-FM-AM, FF, 1949, 07.19.08

Leaves Chattanooga for mission field of Nigeria. Art. Inf FF on History of the work in Nigeria, w/ report that HH family will be moving there from their home in Chattanooga, TN to begin a training program there for preachers by the first of October. They do not arrive until the last week in November, 1952, FF, 1952, 09.23.04

Art, by HH, Nigeria – A Twentieth Century Restoration. Reporting the history of the work up to then. They live in Ibiaku, Ikot Usen, Ibiono, Itu Nigeria BWA, Africa, FF, 1953, 11.10.07

Leaves Nigeria, West Africa moving back to Nashville, Tennessee. Works with Lipscomb and preaches at Lawrence Ave. for 2 years. POT, v.2,207

H.H. moves to Hillboro church with B.B. Baxter in 1956, POT, v.2,207

Announcement that HH was to leave His work in Nashville, Tn to teach Bible at Central Christian College, Oklahoma City, OK along with Earle West. Part of the bio reads, "Brother Howard Horton is a graduate of David Lipscomb College, George Pepperdine College and is currently completing his work in the Vanderbilt School of Religion on the B. D. degree. He has preached at Bessemer, Alabama, Baltimore, Md., Ridgedale congregation in Chattanooga, Tenn., and for the Lawrence Avenue church in Nashville. From 1952 through 1954 he helped pioneer the work of our brethren in Nigeria, West Africa. He is currently working with Batsell Barrett Baxter in Hillsboro church at Nashville." FF, 1957, 03.19.188

HH is an Instructor of Bible at Central Christian College in Oklahoma City. Recognized as Dean in FF,04.21.1959.242 He is there for 2 years. 1958,1959, FF, 1959, 01.27/60

H.H. receives Master of Divinity from Vanderbilt University

Photo – Art. Reporting that HH will join the Bible Department at George Pepperdine College in September. Becomes preacher at Central in Los Angeles. There 2 years, FF,1959, 07.07.429

A correction was made in the paper stating that Howard Horton had started the work in Nigeria, and that Elvis Huffard had come later. FF,1959, 12.08.770

Works in Bible Department, serving for some time as Department head, Pepperdine in L.A., California

Announcement by Joseph W. White that he is stepping down after nine years the head of the Bible Department at George Pepperdine College in June, 1961. HH is to take his place. FF,1960. 09.23.539, 540
HH becomes head of the Bible Department at George Pepperdine College.

HH gives up his position at Central church of Christ in Los Angeles to work more closely with the Bible Department at Pepperdine, FF, 1962, 10.30.702

HH speaks at 41st anniversary meeting of the Central congregation on 12th and Hoover St. in Los Angeles. Noted that he was a former minister. He along with Glenn L. Wallace, also a former minister, spoke. FF, 1963.01. 29.76

HH is chairman of the Bible Department at George Pepperdine College, FF, 1963.01. 08.28

HH is staff writer for 20th Century Christian, FF, 1963.01. 22.64

1st of 2 articles appear in the Firm Foundation under the title How Churches of Christ Attempt To Deal With Fractionation In The Church. – Lessons HH shared at a unity meeting with some very conservative Christian Church preachers. FF, 1964. 04.09&16. 227,243,251

HH is replaced as Bible Department head at Pepperdine, and replaced by Frank Pack

Bro. & Sis. HH are preaching and teaching in seven cities in India because they could not stay in Nigeria due to war.  More recorded in 9.12.67 issue, page 588. HH is working with J.V. Copeland and several others in a preacher’s training school in India.FF, 1967, 08.22.541

HH announces a new chapter in the work in Vietnam with his family moving there. FF, 1967 10.24.693

Announcement in Firm Foundation that Howard Horton was going to Vietnam to set up an orphan care program within a few months, FF,1967, 07.18. 459


HH is a missionary in Vietnam. According to the 05.07 FF, p.301, also 06.11.379 issue, he is directing the "orphan care program." FF, 1968, 03.12.170

Report that HH had just gone to Nigeria to check on the work in that war torn nation. FF, 1968, 10.22.682

HH moved to Japan in 1969. He reported, "For the last 2 ½ years we have been teaching English Bible in Ibaraki Christian College in Japan, under the oversight and support of the Union Avenue church, Memphis, Tenn." – there until 1972, FF, 1972, 01.18.10

Departs the work in Japan, POT, v.5,133

Returns to work in Japan, POT, v.5,133

Report that HH family has been living in Japan, but had spent several weeks in Korea teaching in Korean Christian College. Also, that they we leaving for Arkansas to be missionary-in-residence at Harding College for the year. GA, 1979. 09.06.567

Horton joined the Lipscomb faculty in 1980 as the missionary-in-residence, a position he held for two years. FF, 1983.08.13

He was appointed associate professor of Bible in 1981. FF, 1983.08.13

Horton became Chairman of the Bible Department at Lipscomb after the death of Batsell Barrett Baxter / Minister of the Charlotte Ave. C/C, FF, 1983.08.13

HH receives the Diakonia Award at Lipscomb for 50 years of preaching. GA, 1987, 05.07.280

HH retires from Lipsomb. The following Sept., he announces in the pages of the GA of the decision to move to Honolulu, Hawaii where he will work with the Honolulu church of Christ. He stays at this church until his death. GA, 1987, 07.17.571, 04.02.218

HH writes an article called Archaic? Responding to the woman at Jubilee who was critic of a woman teacher who kicked men out of her class. The former called the teach "archaic" in her ways. HH wrote about the changeless word of God! FF, 1991, 03.21,22

Mildred Gladney Horton, 73 year old wife of HH died in her home in Honolulu, Hawaii. GA, 03.1992, 28

Remarries Fleta J. "Jerry" Vantine (nee, Campbell)

Howard Patrick Horton died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His body is sent back to Hanceville, Alabama for burial next to his wife and family members.

GA = Gospel Advocate
FF = Firm Foundation
POT = Preachers Of Today, volumes 1,2,3,5

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Transitions Reported In Firm Foundation


Howard Horton Served As Head Of The Bible Department At George Pepperdine College
From 1960-1964

Frank Pack (seated) and Howard Horton In 1964
Pacific Church News, Winter, 1999, vol.16, #2, p.8

Obituary For Mildred E. Gladney Horton - Gospel Advocate

Mildred Gladney Horton, 73, died Aug. 7, 1991, at her residence in Honolulu. Born Nov. 24, 1917 in Hanceville, Ala., she married her childhood sweetheart, Howard Horton, Dec. 23, 1938.

Survivors include her husband, minister of the Honolulu Church of Christ, Keeaumoku Street; two daughters, Angela Horton Atchison of Oklahoma City and Crystal Ann Horton Schellenberg of California; five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Also surviving are a brother, Melvin Gladney of Cullman, Ala.; and three sisters, Ellen Gladney Moulton of Valdosta, Ga., Beatrice Gladney Gilley and Jean Gladney Glover, both of Cullman.

Mrs. Horton was educated at Hanceville High School, where she was valedictorian in 1935, and graduated from David Lipscomb College and Pepperdine College.

As co-worker with her husband, the power of Mrs. Horton's influence touched four continents: (1) North America, living in Alabama, Maryland, Tennessee, California, Oklahoma and Hawaii; (2) Africa, living in Nigeria; (3) Asia, living in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines; and (4) Australia.

Typical of her sacrificial service was her care, with her husband, of many refugee children in Vietnam in 1967-68.

Mrs. Horton assisted her husband in establishing a preachers training school in Nigeria. She supported her husband, who was a gospel preacher, a teacher in several colleges and universities, and a worldwide missionary. She took particular interest in training children of many nations, and taught in a number of school systems both in the United States and abroad.

Funeral services were conducted by Paul M. Tucker and Glenn Posey Aug. 12, 1991, at Hanceville. The body was laid to rest in Hopewell Cemetery in Hanceville.

Gospel Advocate, March, 1992, page 28.

Obituary For Howard P. Horton

HORTON Howard Patrick Horton of Oklahoma City passed away on January 31, 2000 at the Baptist Hospital. He was born on Aug. 4, 1917 to Linus F. and Susie Patrick Horton in Hanceville, Alabama. He was married to Mildred E. Gladney on December 23, 1938. She preceded him in death on Aug. 7, 1991, and he is survived by his wife, Fleta J. "Jerry" Vantine (nee, Campbell) to whom he was married in June 1993; two daughters, Angela Atchison, of Oklahoma City, & Crystal Anne Horton of Idlewild, CA as well as grandchildren, Alicia Atchison, Andrew Atchison, Ashley Atchison, Amber Schillenberg and Brandon Schillenberg and 5 great grandchildren. He is also survived by stepchildren, Michael Vantine, and Margaret Glanville and four step grandchildren, Erin Dobson, Matthew Glanville, of Oklahoma, and Katie Puzio, and Kristin McMullin of the Kirkland, WA area. He is also survived by one sister, Ora Little of Chattanooga, TN. Howard received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Pepperdine University in 1939, his Associates of Arts from David Lipscomb University in 1937, and Masters of Divinity from Vanderbilt University in 1959. He taught at various times at Pepperdine U., Oklahoma Christian University, and David Lipscomb University, besides his mission work, teaching at Ibaraki Christian College in Japan, and at various other schools of Biblical studies. He also preached at many churches through the years, and did mission work in Nigeria, Japan and Vietnam. Howard was presently serving as an elder at the Mayfair Church of Christ where Memorial Services will be held at 10 a.m, Thursday, February 3, 2000.

-News OK Obit.

Directions To The Grave of Howard P. Horton

Howard P. Horton is buried in the Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery in Hanceville, Alabama.

From Birmingham: Take I-65 north to Exit 287, Hwy 31, the Bee Line Hwy. Go 15.6 miles on Hwy. 31, and turn right on Section Line Rd. NE. Go about half a mile and you will see the rear of the cemetery on the left. Go to the sixth entrance and turn into the cemetery. Just inside the cemetery, look to your right and the Horton plot will be just to the right. There are four graves in the plot. J.H. Horton's wives are buried on either side of him, and his son is just next to him between he and his first wife. See phots below. Also buried in the cemetery is the grave of another gospel preacher, Howard Patrick Horton and his family.

From Cullman: Go south on Hwy. 31/2nd Ave. SW, and go 7.2 miles. Turn left on Co. Rd. 581/Hopewell Dr. NE. Go .5 miles and the cemetery will be on your right. It is best to not enter the cemetery at the church. Just continue to the very end of Hopewell Dr. and turn right. Enter the first drive into the cemetery on the right, and as you go up into the cemetery, begin looking just to your right. There are four graves in the plot. J.H. Horton's wives are buried on either side of him, and his son is just next to him between he and his first wife. See phots below. Also buried in the cemetery is the grave of another gospel preacher, J. Henry Horton and his family.

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From Drive In Front Of Cemetery Office

Linua F. Horton
April 28, 1888 - October 16, 1921
He was the sunshine of our home
-Father Of Howard Horton-

Susie Horton Longshore
April 3, 1889
July 28, 1959
Faithful Till Death
-Mother of Howard Horton-

Father: Lester Fred Horton - August 23, 1914 - February 9, 1939
He was a true Christian husband.
Mother: Elizabeth Horton His Wife - May 29, 1916 - July 4, 1998
-brother and sister-in-law of Howard Horton-

Howard P. 1917 - 2000
Mildred G. 1917 - 1991
Married December 23, 1938

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