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James Harold "Jim" Bellamy


James H. Bellamy

My Margie and I and our grandson Brandon Mayfield enjoyed being with Spring Creek Church of Christ in Graves County, KY where I preached in a series of meetings the latter part of last March. It was my third series there.

One of the visitors who attended every evening service at Spring Creek in that series last March was Jim Bellamy who was the preacher for the Smith Street Church of Christ in South Fulton, TN about 40 miles from Spring Creek. Jim was cheerful and encouraging to us each evening. He especially encouraged Brandon who is a preacher student.

A few days after we got home from Spring Creek we received the sad news that Jim had died suddenly while mowing his lawn on April 6, 2000. He had been the preacher for the Smith Street church for about eleven years. He preached for the Bardstown, KY Church of Christ 1980 to 1984. He was minister of the Lebanon Junction, KY Church of Christ 1984 to 1989.

The first time Jim preached was in my class on Preparation and Delivery of Sermons at International Bible College. He became a very good gospel preacher. He was compassionate, balanced, trustworthy, and faithful to the Lord and preached His gospel effectively for more than 20 years. Jim and I were close friends. He was one of those I requested to be a speaker at the dinner for my Margie and me at Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, TN during the Annual Bible Lectureship there in February 2000 which was dedicated to me. Jim and all the others did a wonderful job. Margie and I are truly grateful.


The first series of meetings in which I preached in Owensboro, KY was November 7-16, 1955 at Center Street Church of Christ which met in a Quonset Hut (corrugated metal building). Jim Cannon was the regular preacher there. About five years later the congregation relocated. They erected a nice building, and I preached in their first series of meetings in the new building. Allen Phy was their preacher then.

During that first series, I visited in the home of Harold and Virginia Bellamy and their two children, Barbara and Jim. I enjoyed a good meal with them. Jim was about eight years old. Barbara was very young also.

Harold took notes of each of my sermons during that series. Many years later he gave them to me. I have preached in about 600 series of meetings, and Harold is the only one that did that. I cherish the notes he gave me!

Many years passed before Harold and Virginia moved to Florence, AL where Harold attended classes at International Bible College. It was my joy to have Harold in classes I taught. He too was one of my great encouragers. He and Virginia went back to Kentucky where he preached for awhile. They moved back to Florence, and Harold, who was a great Kentucky educator, taught classes, and served as a very effective Vice President at IBC for eight years, and Virginia worked in the library at the college. During that time Jim and his family came to Florence. In due time Jim was graduated from IBC.


Jim's father, Harold preceded him in death a few years. His mother, Virginia lives in Owensboro.

Jim married Charlotte Jean (Jeanie) Jones. Their children are: James H. Bellamy, Jr., his wife is Mindi, he is an engineer and they live in Knoxville, TN; Jared M. Bellamy of South Fulton, who works at Goodyear; Jill L. Bellamy Jackson, David Jackson's wife. They have a daughter, Lauren. Jill teaches preschool at Freed-Hardeman, and David works for West Tennessee Children's Home at Henderson, TN.


I was honored to speak at Jim's funeral which was conducted in the Smith Street church building on April 8, 2000. J. V. Henry and Fred Collier, the elders of the congregation participated in the funeral, including leading prayers. Johnny Jones directed congregational singing. Mike Lynch was funeral director. Jim was loved very much by the Smith Street Church, and he did a great work there.

Jim Bellamy was one of my most encouraging friends. "Bellamy" is the combination of two Latin words and means "beautiful friend." Indeed Jim was! He was a well educated, able, and faithful gospel preacher. (2 Timothy 2:1,2.) It is our Christian hope that he basks in heavenly splendor, "For we know that if our earthly house, this tent, is destroyed, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens." (2 Corinthians 5:1.)

--Basil Overton

Source: World Evangelist, Volume 29, #5, December, 2000, page 1

Directions To Grave

The Kelly Cemetery in Ohio County, Kentucky is near Fordsville. Head west of town on Hwy. 54 and turn left on Sunnydale Rd. The cemetery is out less than a mile on the left.

GPS Location
37°37'25.5"N 86°47'00.1"W
or D.d. 37.623737, -86.783347

Eugene Bellamy - January 30, 1896 - April 2, 1986
Myrtle F. Bellamy - March 17, 1900 - February 2, 1988
At Rest

Harold K. Bellamy - July 23, 1926 - September 4, 1990
Virginia R. Bellamy - September 30, 1924 - May 4, 2014
Our children, Barbara & Jim

James H. Bellamy - February 16, 1947 - April 6, 2000
Charlotte J. Bellamy - June 4, 1947 -
Married September 17, 1966

James H Bellamy
February 16, 1947 - April 6, 2000

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Special Recognition: Thanks to Terry Gillim for locating and photographing the gravesites of the Bellamy family. He knew the Bellamy family personally. Jim and his father Harold were great encouragers in Terry's development as a preacher. Terry preached Virginia Bellamy's funeral, and maintained his close relationship to the family over the years.


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