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Thomas Jefferson Forgy


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T.J. Forgy was a Kentuckian by birth. He was the great-grandson of Irish born pioneer and soldier in the Revolutionary War, James Forgy (1752-1828). Influenced by the preaching of Barton W. Stone and other leaders in the Restoration Movement, the family was part of that group that early took up the idea that they could be part of the church you read about in the New Testament Scriptures. Settling in then Logan County, and now the edge of Butler County, the community known as Quality was established. There as well was the church of Christ. Today, the Forgy Church of Christ still exists.

It was amidst this environment that Thomas J. Forgy came into the world April 4th, 1855. Raised on the farm and in the church. He was a pious lad that eventually gave himself to the Lord by being baptized for the remission of his sins. With that pioneer spirit so richly pumping through his veins, he set out for Texas and preached the gospel. On May 29, 1887 he married Virginia Elizabeth Witten in Comanche County, Texas. Together they had three children, Chuck (1888-1919); Newton Earl (1892-1899); and Elsie Hobson (1900-1982).

Brother Forgy preached in East Texas for most of his ministry, settling in the region around Dallas-Fort Worth. He was known to preach gospel meetings in the area, and reports were sent to T.R. Burnett's paper, the Burnett Budget. (Many of Burnett's reports were forwarded to the Gospel Advocate.)

When life was over, brother Forgy's request was to have his body returned to his southern Kentucky home for burial among his people. He died in July 1903. On his marker are the words, "Minister of the Church of Christ."

Reports On The Life and Work Of T.J. Forgy

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James Forgy, Revolutionary Soldier, Christian Man

James Forgy - Pioneer
Born in Ireland, 1752; fought in
Rev. War under Gen. Francis Marion.
One of first settlers in N. Logan
County, Ky.m, 1794. Charter Member
Canye Fork and Concord churches.
Died 1828. Grandson, James N.
Forgy, 1826-1923, built early grist
mill on Muddy River. Established
Forgytown (Quality); built Quality
Church of Christ. Buried here.

James Forgy was the great grandfather of the preacher, Thomas Jefferson Forgy, of whom this page is dedicated. Buried in the same cemetery, are the graves of his parents, grandparents, and great-grandfather, James Forgy.

The Forgy members of the Quality Church
of Christ are cordially invited to remove
this slab from the grave of Major James
Forgy, on or about, July 2, 2022. They will
find several things: A three hundred page
geneological history of the Forgy family
which had its beginning in Ireland in 1660
compiled by Lucille Forgy Wallace and Pub
lished by William H. Forgy Woods; the pro
gram of the memorial sevice presented
at the dedication of the marker on the
grave of Major James Forgy of American
Revolutionary War fame. Pictures and the
names present on July 2, 1972.

Let God be with you.


James Forgy
North Carolina
PVT NC Militia
Revolutionary War

Directions To Grave

The church of Christ at Quality, Kentucky is located in the western edge of Butler County on Hwy. 106. From Hwy, 431, Lewisburg, Logan county, head northeast about 10 miles on Hwy. 106 and the church building/cemetery is on the left. From Bowling Green, head NW on Hwy 231 toward Hadley. Just before getting into town turn left on Hwy. 626, (Jackson Bridge Rd.) Go about 15 miles to Quality. Church is located on Hwy. 106.

While in the cemetery, be sure to visit three other restoration preachers, John C. Forgy, George T. Fuller, and James E. Barbee.

GPS Location
37.072946, -86.845926

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Special Recognition: Thanks to Dr. Garry L. Hill for helping me find the location of the Forgy Church and its cemetery. At least three gospel preachers are laid to rest on this hallowed ground.


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