History of the Restoration Movement

Alonzo Willard Fortune

A.W. Fortune was minister of the Central Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky, for 22 years. He was a teacher in the College of the Bible for a number of years as well. He, along with E.E. Snoddy and W.C. Bower were a new generation of teachers in the COB replacing the J.W. McGarvey era. In 1917, teaching on evolution and the new liberal theology called, "destructive criticism," led to the confrontation and ultimate dismissal of H.L. Calhoun and a different direction of the school that never would change. This change in the school ultimately played a role in the split between the Independent Christian Church and the new left-wing movement, The Disciples Of Christ. Fortune wrote a book on the history of the Disciples in the state of Kentucky.

Location of The Grave of A.W. Fortune

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GPS Location
N38° 03.560' x WO 84° 30.497'
19 Ft. Accuracy
Grave Faces West
Section J Lot 176

Lexington Cemetery is one of the most beautiful old cemeteries in America. It is located on West Main Street heading away from downtown Lexington toward Leestown Pike. Turn right into the main entrance past the office. Stay on Main Avenue passing Henry Clay Monument on the left. Go until you pass section "K" then Section "J" will be the next section. About halfway just before you see a wedged shaped section "R," stop the car and go back a few rows in "J." Fortune is just next to W.C. Bower.

See Where Fortune Is Buried At Lexington Cemetery, Lexington Kentucky

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