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William Vergil Joines


The Life of Vergil Joines

Vergil Joines was born May 20, 1926 in Belton, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. He was baptized by R.E.L. Taylor in July 1938. He was the eldest son of Guy W. and Truly Joines. Raised in a coal-mining family, Vergil early desired to preach the gospel. The same can be said of his younger brother Kenneth, who was a long-time preacher of the gospel. Vergil attended David Lipscomb College, receiving his B.A. Degree; majoring in history and minoring in music. He was married to Jo Nell Wells June 13, 1944. They had two children, Roger Joines and Brooksie Steinman.

Brother Joines preached for churches in West Virginia, Kansas, and Kentucky. Many years were spent working with his home church, Horton's Chapel Church of Christ. He was also involved in Education as a career, teaching in Muhlenberg County School System. In addition to preaching, he also did some radio work on WVJS in Owensboro, Kentucky. He was a very capable song leader, and led singing in many gospel meetings and conducted music schools. He passed from this life July 25, 1982, at the age of 56. Burial followed within several yards from the place he attended worship so many many years.

-Scott Harp, Sources: Preachers of Today, Vol. 1. page 181.

Obituary Appearing In The Gospel Advocate

William Vergil Joines, age 56, passed on to his reward at his home near Belton, Ky., on July 25, 1982, after a 20-year battle with cancer. He had been preaching since he was 17, and during his lifetime preached over 6,000 sermons. The last 15 years he averaged preaching two funerals a week, and conducted two or three meetings per year for the last 25 years.

Some of the churches for which he was the located minister were Lebanon church, Sedalia, Ky.; St. Albans, W. Va.; Elizabethtown, Ky.; Main Street church, Greenville, Ky.; Hortons Chapel, near Belton, Ky.; Arkansas City, Kansas, and Bosley Road, Owensboro. Ky.

Vergil was also an educator, and at the time of his death was elementary supervisor of the public schools in Muhlenberg County, Ky. He was well-liked by all who knew him, and was a kind Christian gentleman always. He was characterized by his very neat dress and careful attention to his appearance.

His two children, Roger Joines and Brooksie Steinman, live on Long Island in New York. His wife, Jo Nell Joines, also survives him, as do his parents, Guy and Truly Joines, along with his two sisters, Shirley McPherson and Marjorie Rhoads, and two brothers, Jimmy Joines and Kenneth Joines, the latter being the minister of the Whitehaven church in Memphis.

When Vergil and I were students at David Lipscomb College we made a commitment that when one of us died the other would preach his funeral. I kept this commitment with the excellent assistance of his brother Kenneth, and Gary Hill, the minister of Vergils home church, Hortons Chapel Church of Christ.

Forrest Rhoads., 1101 Morrow Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37204.

Gospel Advocate, October 21, 1982, page 633.


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He was my older brother. My mentor. He taught me how to drive. Took me hunting and fishing as a boy. Provided me a role model that few can match. Helped me be a better songleader. Caused me to want to be a preacher. I led singing while he preached revivals; he led for me as I preached.

He graduated Lipscomb and Murray State. Served churches in KY and WV. (Owensboro, Greenville, Central City, Mayfield, Ky and St. Albans, WV. ) He loved teaching in High Schools while serving small churches. Finally worked in County School Administration in Ky while thus serving.

He served his country in the Infantry (U.S.Army) from 1944-46. His Unit walked into Hiroshema only a few WEEKS after the Bomb. So little was known about radiation at the time. Fourteen years later, breast cancer appeared and it was always believed that this was caused by the intense radiation at Hiroshima (He described melted concrete and stone work and earth; saying they could still feel the heat even weeks after the bomb).

He fought this cancer for 20 years before finally yielding to it at age 57.

More than three decades have passed since his death, but there's still a big empty hole in our family that I can feel all the time.
RIP, Verg.

Source: Ken Joines, Facebook, 11.18.2019

Directions To Grave

The graves of Vergil and Jo Nell Joines are located in the cemetery at Horton's Chapel Church of Christ in southern Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. The cemetery is located less than a mile off US Hwy. 431 in southern Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. The cemetery is located behind the church building, just up the hill on the left hand side.

GPS Location
37.138335, -87.002153

Horton's Chapel Church of Christ Below

Guy Joines - June 24, 1902 - September 20, 1990
Truly Joines - September 28, 1909 - February 23, 1992
Parents of Vergil Joines

Vergil Joines - May 20, 1926 - July 25, 1982
Jo Nell Joines - February 11, 1925 - ????

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