History of the Restoration Movement

Rock House Church At Creelsboro, Kentucky

Early Location For The Christian Church in what is now Russell County, Kentucky

Rock House Church

The "rock house" is an enormous natural arch, 140 feet wide and 40 feet high, overlooking the Cumberland River in Southern Kentucky. It was called the "rock house" in the early 1800s and was a natural gathering place in the early days because of the protection it afforded in bad weather. A thousand people could gather under the arch, and many camp meetings were held here across the years. Barton Stone preached in some of these rock house camp meetings, as did John Mulkey and Raccoon John Smith (of the Campbell movement).

Though not commercially developed in any way, the rock house is well worth a visit. To find it, go to Russell Springs and proceed south on Highway 379, past Creelsboro, to the "rock house bottom." Then watch for the arch off to the left. There is no highway sign, but a dirt road (note: access road are now paved) leads over to the arch and the Cumberland River beyond.

Bill Humbles, Gospel Advocate, February, 1993, p.46

Directions To The Rock House Church

The Rock House Church is located in a remote area between Burkesville and Jamestown, Kentucky. From Jamestown, head south on Hwy. 127. Go through Sewellton, and turn right on Hwy. 55. Go about three miles and turn left on Hwy. 379. The road is very crooked, but you will go through the old town of Creelsboro and continue out Hwy. 379 about a mile or two, and you will turn left off the road and ease down toward the parking area.

When I was there in May, 2011, the river was very high, and getting into the church was impossible. However, most of the time it is accessable. The mosquitoes were bad that day. But they say you have to watch for snakes as well. It is a most interesting location. You can continue out the road a little further and come to the Rock House Christian Church, the surviving work that was planted many years earlier in the old Rock House location.

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Photos From The May of 2011

Looking Over The Cumberland Toward The Rock House Church From Hwy. 379

Rock House Bottom Chapel
Dedicated To Jesus Christ
In Memory of
John and Pearl Goff
Welcome Sinners, But Beware!
The Devil Blesses You With
Worldly Goods and Desire And
Is Stealing Your Soul.
For the Wages of Sin Is Death,
But The Gift of God Is Eternal Life
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord
Behold, Today is the Day of Salvation,
Jesus is here With You Now
Accept Him As Your Savior
And Ask for Faith And Guidance
While You Are Here,
Become A Born-Again Christian,
Courtesy of
Thomas & Loren Goff
5000-22 Mile Utica Mich. 48087
Trixie Back Contributed
Erected By Cookeville Marble & GRA
Hollie B. Flatt, Rep

Creelsboro Arch
Unpublicized & Uncommercialized
300,000 years old
Danger: Falling Rock & Snake Area
History of Area
Use By Indians Fishing And Hunting
Here In Summer Burying Dead On Top
Rediscovered By The Long Hunters In 1792
Named The Rock House In 1812
When the Settlers Used It For
Meetings And As Picnic Area
Chapel Built From
Natural Materials
Canopy of Heaven is the Roof
The Good Earth Is The Floor
The Void Between Heaven
And Earth Is The Walls

To The Public
This Arch Was Saved
From Destruction By
Thomas Goff And Wife
Hours of Work And A
Large Sum Of Money
Please Enjoy. Respect
And Clean After Yourself
The Goff Family


Rockhouse Bottom Christian Church - Nearby

Photos Taken 05.24.2011
Webpage produced 12.16.2011
Courtesy of Scott Harp

Special Thanks to Tom L. Childers and C. Wayne Kilpatrick for assisting in the locating of the Rock House Church. In May, 2011, these men traveled with your web editor to search for graves of gospel preachers of yesteryear in Kentucky.

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