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Edwin Stanton Sweeney


The Life of Edwin S. Sweeney

Edwin Stanton Sweeney was born September 13, 1881 in Paris, Kentucky. His parents were John Steele and Alice Monin Sweeney. He grew up in a home actively involved in the Christian Church. His father, and grandfather G.E. Sweeney, and four of his uncles were preachers among restoration churches.

Sweeney was educated at Transylvania University, and Bible College. He was graduated from John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois, in 1914.

During World War I, he served overseas in the 333rd Heavy Field Artillery, 86th Division.

In 1919 he began preaching for the Christian Church in Plainfield, Indiana, and served for two years. He then served the church in Springfield, Massechusetts in 1922 while attending Hartford Theological Seminary. The following year he moved to Charlottesville, Virginia to attend Hartford Seminary.

Through the years he served other churches. E.S. Sweeney passed from this life in 1951, and is buried in the Sweeney family plot in the cemetery at Paris, Kentucky.

Directions To The Burial Site of the Sweeneys

The Sweeneys are buried in the cemetery at Paris, Kentucky. Heading northeast out of Lexington on the Paris Pike. (Hwy.27/68). As you enter from the south end of town, look for a white wall on the left that looks like the front of a castle. This is the entrance into the cemetery. Enter the cemetery past the offices and stay to the right. The road will dead end (no pun intended!). Turn to the right, and right back to the left. Then proceed toward the rear of the cemetery counting to the third left turn. Just before the third left turn, stop the car. Up on the rise to the left is the Sweeney plot. At least three generations of Sweeneys are buried there, J.S. Sweeney, was E.S.'s father, and G.E. Sweeney was his grandfather, both of which were preachers. Four siblings are also there inclding two of which were preachers, W.E. Sweeney, and of course E.S. Sweeney.

GPS Coordinates
38°12'14.1"N 84°15'52.9"W
or D.d. 38.203917,-84.264700

Edwin Stanton
Son Of
John Steele & Alice Monin
Minister of the Gospel

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