History of the Restoration Movement

Edward Ward Carmack Statue


Statue At The State Capitol Of Tennessee

By Sculptor: Nancy McCormick

Carmack's Pledge To The South

The south is a land that has known
sorrows; It is a land that has
broken the ashen crust and
moistened it with tears; A land
scarred and riven by the powshare
of war and billowed with the graves
of her deat; But a land of legend,
A land of Song, A Land Of Hallowed
and heroic memories.

To that land every drop of my blood,
ever fibre of my being, every pulsation
of my heart, is consecrated forever.

I was born of her womb; I was
nurtured at her breast; and when
my last hour shall come, I pray
God that I may be pillowed upon
her bosom and rocked to sleep
with her tender and encircling

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