History of the Restoration Movement

Glass Church Of Christ

Obion County, Tennessee
Since 1852

GPS Location
36°15'54.3"N 89°15'15.0"W
or D.d. 36.265083, -89.254167

Glass Church of Christ was established prior to the Civil War. The exact date is unknown and the earliest date on record is 1852. This little town was known at that time as Palestine and the name was changed to Glass in the latter part of the 19th century in honor of Senator Glass.

Tradition says the first building of logs was blown down by a tornado. In 1870, J. H. Wells deeded land to the church and this is the site of the present building. At that time a frame building was erected and this building burned in 1904 and was replaced with a brick structure. One Sunday morning in 1928 the wood part of the building burned and parts of the present building were erected. Originally the Church of Christ building was the meeting place for the Sunday Schools of three denominations --- Baptist, Presbyterian and Methodist, beside the Church of Christ.

Some of the pioneer members were P. A. Wright, T. H. Mills, Jesse Wells, Rufus Woody and A.K. Wells. About 1900 the Glass Congregation guaranteed $750.00 a year to the minister. With the growth from the preaching of John R. Williams, the Glass Church guaranteed him $1000.00 per year for 10 years. Later this amount was raised to $1200. As a result of his work, many congregations were established.

In 1952 C. P. Roland preached a Dedication sermon on the 100th Anniversary of the Church and Virgil Mills was song leader. January 1956 saw the beginning of a renovation program. Old brick and concrete were removed from the entrance, floors were leveled and the podium moved to the west end of the building. Two classrooms were added at the front of the building and three class rooms were made upstairs In the early 1970's two restrooms were added, and later carpeting was installed. New pews were purchased in 1981.

H.D. Bantau, a well known pioneer in the Church, was the first minister at Glass, and others followed including: T.B. Osborne, Homer T. Wilson, W.T. Officer, F. B. Srygley, J. T. Slayden, A. G. Freed, John R. Williams, A. D. Foster, Phillip Wall, John B. Hardeman, John R. Owens and Walker Crossno.

Early members: P. A. Wright, T. H. Mills, Jesse Wells, Rufus Woody and A. K. Wells.

Directions To The Glass Church of Christ

This church building is located on Glass Rd. W. Obion, Tennessee. In West Memphis, Arkansas take I-55 North. Take I-155 toward at Dyersburg, Tennessee and head north of Dyersburg toward Union City. In the township of Obion, turn left on Hwy 183. Go a little over a mile and the building will be on your right. 36°15'54.3"N 89°15'15.0"W or D.d. 36.265083,-89.254167

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