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1946 Treasure Chest
Freed-Hardeman College Photo

Nolan Reeder Oldham was born June 28, 1927 in Rogersville, Alabama. He was baptized under the preaching of C.C. Burns on August 31, 1941. He was married to June Moss on February 8, 1948. Their marriage was blessed with three children: Larry, Timothy, and Philip.

Reeder attended Freed-Hardeman College (now University), where he received the A.A. degree in 1947. From there he attended Tennessee Tech. University in Cookeville, Tennessee where he received the B.S. degree in 1953. From there he attended Murray State University, in Murray, Kentucky, where he received the M.A. degree in 1958. He did graduate study at the University of Michigan from 1961-1963, and Harding College Graduate School of Bible and Religion (now Harding School of Theology) from 1964-1966, and Memphis State University in 1967.

Brother Oldham began preaching in his hometown in 1942. From 1949-1952 he preached for the church in Logansport, Indiana. From 1952 to 1956 he preached for the church in Gainesboro, Tennessee. Then he was at Dresden, Tennessee from 1956-1960. Then it was to Plymouth, Michigan from 1960-1965, and then to Memphis, Tennessee from 1965-1968. In 1968 he began preaching for the Palmersville, Tennessee church of Christ.

Several brotherhood papers enjoyed the presence of Reeder Oldham’s writings. He wrote for the Gospel Advocate, Power For Today. Words of Truth, Christian Chronicles. Christian Bible Teacher, Spiritual Sword, and Minister’s Monthly.

For several years he conducted weekly and daily radio broadcasts. Their love for evangelism led both Reeder and June to conduct several Bible School workshops each year. In addition, he led several evangelistic campaigns in the U.S., to Canada, Barcelona, Spain, and East Kilbride, Scotland. He served as a Camp Manager and Member of the Board of Michigan Christian Youth Camp for a number of years. While living in Memphis he served on the board of Family Service Of Memphis. He also served as a board member of United Tennessee League, and the American Associations of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers. He was a part of the Tennessee Personnel and Guidance Association, and a life member of Kappa Delta Pi. For several years he served on the Boards of Directors for Tennessee Children’s Home and African Christian Schools Foundation.

In 1969, the Oldhams moved to Henderson. Tennessee, where Reeder became Registrar for Freed-Hardeman University. The following year he took the role of Registrar and Director of Admissions. In 1970 he served as Dean Of Students.

After more than twenty years work with F-HU, Reeder retired from the school. He continued serving as an elder of the Henderson church of Christ, and continued to conduct evangelistic campaigns. In early December, 2003 he was on a mission trip to Scotland. Staying in the home of missionary family John and Arlene Galloway in East Kilbride, brother Oldham suffered a massive heart attack in the night, resulting in his death. Soon after, his body was returned to the U.S. where his body was laid in the Henderson Cemetery to await the coming of the Lord.

by Scott Harp, 11.15.2019
Source: Preachers of Today, Volume 4, pages 237-238, Treasure Chest Annual 1977,

The Administrators: One View

Reeder Oldham, Director of Admissions and Records, is quite proud of the fact that the enrollment has doubled since he came as registrar in 1968. He credits this not only to the transition to senior college level, but also to hard work in recruiting students.

Ever since he could talk, Dean Oldham has wanted to be a preacher. His first regular preaching appointments began during his high school years at Athens Bible School in Athens, Alabama. He has done local preaching in churches of Christ in Alabama, Oklahoma, Indiana, Michigan, and Tennessee. He currently preaches by appointment and in meetings, and teaches in teachers' workshops. However, he admits that he still misses doing local preaching work.

Oldham says he has always been interested in Christian education, but that he never had definite plans or goals for serving in that capacity until the summer of 1968. Mrs. June Oldham, who is now her husband's secretary, was teaching at that time in a teachers' workshop in Abilene, Texas. H. A. Dixon, then president of Freed-Hardeman, called to suggest that the Oldhams come to F-HC to discuss the position of registrar. The duties of Dean and Registrar had recently been separated, and the college needed a registrar.

The Oldhams were not particularly interested in the offer, and it took several weeks for them to get to Henderson. Once they did come, however, they were convinced to stay.

Because he works in admissions, Oldham is identified with the college wherever he goes. He uses these opportunities to promote the school and to encourage prospective students to enroll. Although devoted to his work, he does not carry his worries home with him, neither in his briefcase nor on his shoulders. Oldham hopes that F-HC will never become snobbish in any way: academically, economically, or socially. His concern is that anyone who can profit by attending F-HC, has an opportunity to attend.

-Excerpt, 1977 Treasure Chest, page 192.



Dean of Admissions And Records, Freed-Hardeman College, 1977

Reeder and June Oldham

Directions To Grave

The Henderson City Cemetery is located near downtown, Henderson Tennessee. Several church workers, gospel preachers, and especially educators who worked for Freed-Hardeman University are buried here. To find the Oldham family plot travel the SE corner, at the rear of the cemetery. It is probably best to enter from N. Franklin Ave. As soon as you see the first graves, stop the car and enter into the cemetery down beside the business that adjoins it. Toward the rear you will see the Gardner plot.

GPS Location
35°26'18.7"N 88°38'40.3"W

Rear Of Henderson City Cemetery From SE Cnr.
The Oldham graves are to the left of this photo on top of the hill.

OLDHAM plot just behind Whittle

Nolen Reeder - June 28, 1927 - December 5, 2003
June Moss - July 24, 1928 - May 19, 1991
Married February 8, 1948

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