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Franz Joseph Baumann


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Another Great and Good Man Gone

On October 20, 1912, I was called to Childress, Texas, to attend the funeral of Brother Joseph Baumann. He was one of the most God-loving and self-sacrificing men that it was ever my privilege to know. In many respects he was one of the greatest men in the brotherhood. He was the first man that I took the confession from in the State of Texas, twenty-six years ago. At that time I could not understand half that he said. He was a German Catholic, thirty years old. Since that time he learned the English language and made himself a preacher of the gospel second to none in the State. He did as much good for the cause of Christ for the last fifteen years as any man in the State or the United States, and he did it all at his own expense. Besides the good done in Texas, he went as a missionary to Germany and preached the gospel to his own people. He also preached some in Colorado and North Mississippi. He not only did all of this grand work at his own expense, but was as liberal as any man to help others with his means. During all of' those years of faithful labor for the Lord he was surrounded by very trying circumstances, but bore it all without a murmur. When he came to die, it was his lot to have to die by inches. His death was expected daily for months before it came, but never did he murmur or complain, but admonished brethren and sisters who came daily to see him to serve the Lord with full purpose of heart. When I think over Brother Baumann's life and see how much good he did in such a short time and under such hard circumstances, I feel like I have done but little in this life. May God help all of us who knew him to follow his noble example.

-E. H. Rogers, Firm Foundation, 12 November, 1912; Gospel Advocate, 5 December 1912, 1320-21.

Joseph Baumann

Joseph Baumann was born in Osterburken. Baden, Germany. Rather than be a soldier he left his native land in 1873 and came to Texas in 1878. He has worked on the farms in Nebraska, Iowa and Texas. He obeyed the Gospel in meeting conducted by A. Alsup and E. H. Rogers. After some time brethren insisted that he should preach the Gospel. To prepare himself for a wider field of usefulness he entered the Nashville Bible School, where he was three years under Brother J. A. Harding and three years under Brother D. Lipscomb. While in Nashville he often preached to the prisoners in the jail.

He has promised himself and his teachers that he will scatter the seed of the Kingdom of Christ as far as he can, and quite active has he been in the work: he has preached in Tennessee, Kentucky, on the Atlantic Ocean, Germany, Mississippi. Oklahoma, New Mexico. Colorado and Texas; in jails, beer halls, tents, lumber camps and on steamships,

He is never more delighted than when in the work, active all the time. He will find a place to preach if the brethren do not call him. With the love of God in his heart and the desire for the salvation of his fellows he will ever be found working for the Master.

-C.R. Nichol, 1911, Gospel Preachers Who Blazed The Trail. Note: This is a timed piece, as Baumann is now deceased.

Directions To The Grave of F.J. Baumann

Franz J. Baumann is buried in Childress, Texas in the Childress Cemetery. The town of Childress is located in the Panhandle region of North Texas, and lies upon the line of Hwy. 287. From Hwy. 287 take 3rd St. NE/FM 268, go a few blocks and the cemetery will be on your right. There is a booth about halfway into the cemetery, where there is a section map, and books showing the locations of all the graves. The photos below should help locate it, and the GPS Location below will pinpoint the exact location. Enter the cemetery and, including the first crossroad you immediately see, go to the third road and turn left. Go about thirty yards and stop. The grave will be on the right. Plot: Block 109, Lot 2 Grave 7. GPS Location of the grave: 34°25'57.7"N 100°11'47.3"W / or D.d. 34.432695,-100.196458

Childress Cemetery, Childress, Texas

Franz Joseph
August 8, 1852
October 20, 1912

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Web editor note: In February, 2012, it was my privilege to visit the grave of F.J. Baumann. I was invited to take part in the annual Affirming The Faith Lectureship in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Getting into the area early, I was afforded the opportunity to put about 2000 miles on a rental car in order to locate graves of gospel preachers and church leaders of yesteryear in a wide area. My second day I was able to visit the grave of F.J. Baumann.

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