History of the Restoration Movement

Joseph Brice Wilmeth 
McKinney, Texas

Biographical Sketch On The Life Of J.B. Wilmeth

J.B. Wilmeth was one of the early settlers of north Texas. He and Collin McKinney were famous settlers of the area north of Dallas, now known as Collin County. Wilmeth, McKinney, B.F. Hall, Dr. Mansel Matthews, Lynn D'Spain, and many others were of the first in the Lone Star State to preach the old time gospel. They established New Testament Christianity, and fought hard to preserve it. Wilmeth was an educated man, and believed in educating others. He opened his home to be one of the first free schools in the area. He also served as county clerk and judge. 

Location Of The Grave Of Joseph Brice Wilmeth

The grave of J.B. Wilmeth is located just north of McKinney, Texas, just off State Hwy. 75. Take Exit 42 Wilmeth Rd. and turn right. Go to the stop sign. Turn left on McLarry Rd. (Blockbuster's Home Office is on the opposite corner.) Continue down McLarry until it ends. The old cemetery is on the right. Turn right and go down the little road and pull into the graveyard on the right. Wilmeth has the tallest marker with an iron fence around it.

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