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James T. Harris


Biographical Sketch On The Life Of James T. Harris

James T. Harris preached in Lauderdale County, Alabama and Lawrence County, Tennessee most all his preaching life. He lived in Florence, Alabama before he moved to Lawrence County. Through his efforts were established the Mt. Zion Church of Christ; The Fall River Church of Christ; And The Leoma Church of Christ, all of which were established within two years of one another, all in Lawrence County, Tennessee. He preached some in Lauderdale County, Alabama as well. He worked closely with his good friend Charles E. Holt.

He was a good friend of J. H. Stribling, a wealthy business man, and elder in the church in Lawrenceburg. Stribling bought a tent had Brother Harris preach in it. Through it they great success in starting churches. He would put the tents next to a Methodist Church and have a tent-meeting. Many Methodists and others in the community would be converted, and a church established. For this reason many buildings of the Church of Christ in that area are presently located next to Methodist churches. James T. Harris worked the works of righteousness until death September 4, 1949.

James T. Harris Studying

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Obituary Of J.T. Harris

Harris-J.T. Harris quit the walks of men at the age of eighty-one, and now lies at rest in Mimosa Cemetery in Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Brother Harris had preached the gospel for fifty-five years, devoting the greatest portion of his time and effort to smaller rural churches and to destitute fields. He established many congregations in Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama. He is survived by his widow, the former Lula Hix, a resident of Lawrenceburg. Three children (Thomas, Charles, and Mrs. Crosthwaite) survive. Besides these there are four sisters and one brother of his immediate relatives. Brother Harris was calm in the last days of his life and was fully conscious that his days of service were over. He was thus quite prepared to go on to toward that home to which he had pointed so many during the years of his ministry. -W.Wallace Layton

Directions To The Grave Of James T. Harris

J.T. Harris is buried in the Mimosa Cemetery, just east of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee on Hwy 64. Enter the cemetery to the south.Enter into the center of the cemetery and proceed as far as you can and the road will start to do a hard bend back to the west. Stop the car just before the curve, and head southeast at about a 20 to 30 degree direction, and you will find the grave of J.T. Harris.

While in the cemetery be sure to visit the graves of W.F. Wall, J.H. Stribling, E. O. Coffman and Charles E. Holt, other prominent preachers and elders who worked in Lawrence County churches. Also J.D. Vaughn, owner of Southern Gospel Singing and Publishing Co. that has produced many church songs is buried in this cemetery.

GPS Location
35°14'18.3"N 87°19'14.2"W
or D.d. 35.238410, -87.320605

Wayne Kilpatrick (L) and Tom L. Childers at the grave of James T. Harris

James T. Harris, Sr.
December 8, 1933
June 22, 2003

Lula L. Harris
July 6, 1878
November 12, 1971

James T. Harris
September 3, 1868
September 4, 1949

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